What to do with a hard workout when nature calls

So maybe this is TMI but we are endurance athletes and this is part of it, so whatever.

Anyway i was doing a vo2max workout this AM and nature called at the worst time. I had done three intervals but then had to take an 8 or 9 minute break vs. the prescribed 3 minute one.

Rather than continue the workout, i chose to bail on it, because i had returned to a sort of baseline so the last two intervals wouldn’t have the impact they were intended to have. Ideally i would have restarted or done at least an extra one but i just didn’t have time. Problem is, there’s now the possibility that i went hard enough today to not feel great tomorrow, but not hard enough to get a good overload.

So question is, do another hard workout later today, to just squeeze toothpaste out of the tube? Or rest, hit it hard tomorrow, and hope for the best recovery-wise?

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Not a big deal man.

It could be much much worse!

I had a running wo… I hold it in for too long.
Let just say the port-a-potty was about 20 feet too far.

At least i was close to home and was done with the wo.

So, if you have to go, go. Dont hold it in. Your shorts will appreciate it!


lol so many of us have been there brother

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Yes. This was not the first one…but the latest one (like 2 weeks ago).

In any case.
Pause the wo. Do your business. Resume wo. I might matter a bit, but in the grand scheme, a longer rest is not the end of the world. IMO is better to resume after a long-ish rest than restart hours later.


If possible, pause the workout after the ‘on’ part of the intervals, do your business and then come back to it. The ‘off’ part will just give you a chance to spin the legs a little before another effort.

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I used to tell everyone too many bathroom breaks during workouts was the main reason I never came first in the Giro D’Italia, and then this happens, and there goes all my excuses.


yeah, what i wanted to do was add an extra interval to make up for the break but i didn’t have time. work calls were starting and i needed to be at my desk and neither on the toilet nor on the bike, lol

so i went back out after work and hit it hard. Felt terrible but also great. No biorhythm issues this time :slight_smile: