What to do now..... again!

Again my A event has been postponed because of COVID. It was due on 11 April now the event to TBA.

Currently I have now plan on the Calendar as I’ve deleted everything. I’m kinda hoping that AT will come out soon so I can run a new plan with that. I saw somewhere they will have a 4 day program, which would suit me massively.

Anyway, what to do? Should I just run Plan Builder now and do the Low Vol 3 day program or wait? If I run the 3 day program, what happens when AT is released? Can you upgrade the plan to 4 days or will I have to wipe it and start again??? Should I just rely on Train Now for a while?

I think you’re over-estimating what AT will do … a plan is still a plan, AT will just flex the specific workouts (at the margins) based on how you’re getting on.

So either just go completely ad hoc and use TrainNow to pick workouts or use Plan Builder to build a new plan.

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I would just stick with low volume and add a easy ride whenever you can. That would be 4 days, like stated above AT will only manipulate the plan as you pass or fail each workout. It will make progression workouts easier to manage.
Stick to low volume and just add a ride that’s easy, consistency with progressive overload trumps random workouts.

Do you ever ride outside for fun? Worth a try

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Why don’t you set yourself a “personal event” as a goal?

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Agreed with @wysbf2. AT will apply to whatever plan you have on you calendar. So just build out a new plan with a personal goal or a different event further down the line, and supplement with some outdoor rides for fun like @Cleanneon98 said. I know I’d personally use the opportunity to reconnect with why I fell in love with bikes in the first place, so I’d go out on some long outdoor rides on roads I haven’t seen before to places I’ve not visited in a while.