Noob Adaptive Training Question

Newly in the beta. Just want to make sure about something. I have an A and B event in my calendar.

  1. I would like to select my training plans, not use Plan Builder. Does AT work in this scenario or must I use Plan Buiider?

  2. If I am allowed to pick a plan, can I pick a low vol plan and fill in with extra endurance rides and will AT still work?

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You have to use Plan Builder I believe. But you can manipulate what PB comes up with quite a bit by altering the variables in the questionnaire (volume, experience and training load, race type). You might get something close to what you want that way

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Selecting plans and completing TR workouts will result in changes to your progression levels. However, you will not get adaptations to future workouts unless you use plan builder.

I second @PotsieA’s comment of going a bit more granular with PB to tweak it to your liking.

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What about the LV part of the question? Like the OP, I tend to pick a Low plan and then add endurance rides. Will those endurance rides (assuming they are TR rides) be part of AT?

If you follow a Low-Volume (LV) custom plan from Plan Builder, you can add endurance rides anytime. With AT, the endurance rides will change your progression levels, which will help in inform the recommended adaptations; however, AT will only adapt future workouts on the LV plan (not any rides manually added to the Calendar). Let’s say you’re following an LV plan and complete a manually added endurance ride on the weekend. Let’s imagine that endurance ride increases your progression levels in your Endurance and Tempo zones from 4.5 to 6 in both cases. If the next Endurance or Tempo workout on your LV plan was scheduled as Productive for at a progression level of 4.5, AT would adapt that workout to be Productive for a progression level of 6, meaning it would suggest a more challenging Endurance/Tempo workout. Any manually added endurance rides on the Calendar would remain unaffected. Does that help?


Thank you! You are so good at making things easy to understand. :metal:

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Thanks. I understand and now will proceed with an LV plan from PB and will add in endurance rides as I go.