What to do if you're not following a plan?

At the moment I am able to get outside three times a week for about 5 hours at a time. These rides are on rolling roads, and at a mix of intensities. This is likely to be the case through winter at least.

I’m not following a plan but would like to know are there any specific workouts I could do to compliment my outdoor rides?

Ride harder outside and force yourself to do Z2 work inside. I can’t stand riding slow outdoors but on the trainer if I have no choice then my Z2 ride doesn’t turn into Z2 with KOM attacks


How often would you ride indoors? Make it twice or three times and you could be doing a plan.

You could loosely follow a plan and do the workouts within your longer rides if you so wish.
Ultimately, just do what you enjoy and if you’re happy riding along outside whilst do your own thing then crack on.


I have tried doing the workouts outside but it just frustrates me. Crossings, lights, terrain…

I guess for the same reason I prefer TR to Zwift on the trainer. When I am on a trainer I like a real structure and focus to the session.

I guess I mean would I benefit from doing a Sweet Spot session for 60-90 mins, or maybe a shorter sharper session from the General Build for example?

It’s super easy to frame your riding with a polarized mentality. So 90% of your riding is base miles - sweet spot and below. You could try to do longer intervals at various intensities (tempo, SS) if you want. Or just ride and keep it at endurance pace.

Once or twice a week do some intervals. Make a plan with a progression: 3x2min one week, 4x2minute the next, 5x2 minute. Or you could go for longer intervals 4x4, 5x4, 6x4, etc. Take a easy week after 3 or 4 weeks.

I just reread your post - 3 x 5 hr rides? Wow!

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A lot of it will depend on where you are currently with your fitness, where you want to be and what you are training for…