What to do after the Century plan. Find it a bit boring


I have a 100 miler on the 31st March. I like to get it in early :grinning:. I have been doing the Speciality Century plan. I will be half way through it by the time of the ride, and will finish it off after the event. I tend to do longer events, not races. I will do some more events later in the season. I have found the Century plan a little boring compare to SSB and Sustained Power Build that I did before. I can understand this, as that is exactly what @chad is looking for.

So saying all that, shall I just do Century again or should I go back to Sustained Power Build and do that again. Anyone have any thoughts on this? I thought Climbing Road Race might be interesting although I don’t race.

Knowing that the Century plan is boring is not good news for me :sweat_smile:

The usual advice is to repeat the cycle. If you don’t have a future event in mind after finishing your ride at the end of this month, repeating base and build without doing another specialty phase is also an option.

This is all designed around picking a single goal event that you want to peak for, and the specialty should respond to the demands of how you think you’ll be able to race the event (recent podcast material covers this; I apologize for not having a link at the moment). So, optimally you arrange your training calendar around that event by setting up base, build and specialty consecutively. But you’ll still be strong enough to race even if you can’t line up to that perfect peak.

I found it boring too. Audax is my interest so it was ideal.

However I tried the ‘Maintenance’ programme somewhere in ‘Enthusiast’ which was fun and I lost some unwanted fat which was a bonus. Now I’m trying the ‘Climbing Road Race’. Starts next week.

It is only boring as it has less of those big spikes in there, like sprints and over and unders. I did 38 miles on Saturday and felt good. I’m sure it does the job. Don’t confuse boring with ineffective or easy :slight_smile:

The thing is, I might just find an event and sign up. I need to be ready.


@HeltorChasca what is Audax?

Lunacy. Utter lunacy. Also known as Randonneuring in the USA.

How about doing a re-build using General Build and Climbing Road Race Specialty?

The GB is still close to the Sustained Power Build, but has more excitement in the Saturday rides.

The CRR is a different Specialty with some nice above Threshold work.

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I also swap out the Century plan with the CRR, to add some variety.

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Good to know, back to 100 milers :wink: I’m think of doing a personal solo challenge. Cycle to the office and back, 150 odd miles.


You and @mcneese.chad seem to be on the page. I think I will do CRR.


Will you be fit to work after doing 75 miles. At least you will have all day to fuel for the return leg.

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That challenge is going to be later in the summer. I have taken the day off after the 100 miler.