What XC MTB races are you doing in 2020?

So many good options to race Cross Country Mountain Bikes! What are some of your target MTB races for 2020?

I’m racing mostly road this rear, but I’ll also race some local series’ and hit the Epic Rides Carson City Race, again…among others

If you are racing on the road as well, how are you balancing the two?

MTB Trans Alp in July.


That sounds awesome! I’ll check it out…

No road for me! My big goal for the year is the Off-Road Assault on Mt. Mitchell:


I’m in North Carolina and tend to stay local so other than that I’m planning on a few of the Cane Creek Cup races, The Watershed Race (really fun format), The Fonta Flora Barn Burner and then the Couch Potato to end the season if I stay motivated long enough.


Fantastic! I’ve long wanted to ride in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I know Hincapie is there, and many pro’s train there. It looks beautiful! I bet the MTB is phenomenal. Thanks for the input, and thanks for including the links for easier research! Best Success to you this year. I hope to hear great reports…:sunglasses:

EFTA 6hr Marathon Series in New England. Shenandoah Mountain 100 & might make a run at Mohican 100 & Wilderness 101 if schedule allows for those weekends away from home.


I’d like to do some longer MTB XC races but all races are “open” here meaning I have to race against cat-1 pros which is a waste of time and money, plus a healthy dose of embarrassment.

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I don’t understand where you’re coming from. What would you have to be embarrassed about if you trained properly, performed as well as you could & made improvements in subsequent races?

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When you have to race against people who’ve won races like Dirty Kanza or a handfull of national champs and they beat you so severely that it demotivates you because there is a chasm between where you are and where you need to be to feel a modicum of fulfillment.

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Goal setting 101:

Dakota 5-0 Twentieth Anniversary of the race, my third time around. Going to try and go faster than two years ago. They reverse the course direction each year.

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Mohican is a top-notch event. I went last year for the first time and have been itching to go back ever since.


No way, man. Lol. Maybe just enjoy the diverse company, and chance to ride with and learn from pro’s. It’s all good. :+1:

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Totally this. I guess I race for different reasons than he does.

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Totally doable for me -only about 9 hours away… I should probably register!

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I’m targeting Mohican 100k as my A race this year, with The Forty-5 leading into it, as well as our local short track series.

Looking for redemption at Mohican, as last year I was slowed down with cramps. I’d like to finish with the guys I know I can ride with, rather than over an hour later.

At Short Track, I’m aiming for the series championship (B category) after 2nd place last year.

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That sounds killer!

Sounds like some solid goals. It’s nice to have last year for reference, and TR to help you get there this year. Best success!!

This looks really fun. Best success to you. I really like the description…

*WARNING: THIS IS A MOUNTAIN BIKE RACE, if you are not fit, have health issues, or are not an avid/advanced rider of technical singletrack, I would suggest you try another race.


Lol :laughing: perfect

Planning for Wilmington Whiteface 100k with plans to do Mohican 100k the week before as a “warm up” the week before.

Leadville later in the year and then planning to dip toes into some gravel rides with Rebecca’s Private Idaho 100 mile and Big Sugar later in the year. Try and fit in some local XC races as well where possible.