What should I do? - Easy workouts


I have a big dilemma: I restarted training after a long off period and after a few easy workouts I retested resulting an FTP of 181 (2.78 w/kg)

I’ve built up a plan with Plan Builder for “Flanders Sportive”, which I will attend in April, and I noticed that the workouts seem to be easy.

I had no problem finishing some stretched +1.4 Threshold and +1.4 Sweet Spot workouts, not to say about Productive ones. For example, yesterday I had Tallac-3 (3x15-minute efforts between 86-92% FTP with a couple brief, 30-second intermediate recoveries during each long interval) and after the intervals I rode another 20 mins or so at 85% of FTP and still rated the workout moderate in the survey.

What should I do:

  • Keep workouts in “Productive”
  • Push workouts in “Stretched”
  • Increase workouts length
  • Retest

Thank you!

I’m not support but I would ride the actual workouts (not your 85%) extra and do the survey. AT should kick in and ramp things up for you pretty quick. But we f you rate the workout as moderate and that is what it is ‘meant to feel’ you probably won’t see the increase you need. Score them as 1 if easy, and if you are tacking on your own intervals the prescribed workout was easy. Alternatively you could pick a workout you think you can do, probably in stretch at least and rate it honestly.

I noticed you rated the workouts moderate and hard. I would just rate them as easy and let AT do the work.

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This. ^^^

If they’re WAY too low, do a few stretch workouts and mark them easy. You’ll ramp up fast.

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Yeah, usually if you rate a Stretch workout as “easy”, AT will bump the future workouts up.

Have you received adaptations?

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I would look at alternates and select Stretch to ramp the progression levels up faster. If you fail a stretch you’ll know when to stop.

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I receive adaptations after each workout I’ve done on this plan since I opted for “harder” alternates each time.

Nice point of view!

If you keep accepting the suggested harder adaptations, and you keep getting harder adaptations, you should find your level quite quickly…

If they’re that easy you should rank them as easy (not moderate or hard).


AT is operating as it should!
I would also recommend a fresh Ramp Test (or 20min or 8min FTP test) if you haven’t done one in a while.

Thanks a lot everyone!

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