What Road Shoe Is Same/Similar to Shimano RC7

I’m in the market to replace a pair of Shimano RC7 road shoes. I have had them for a few years, and the tongue always slips (otherwise they fit great). I could solve the problem by upgrading to S-Phyres but I would prefer to stay in the same price tier as the RC7.

What road shoe has a similar fit but with a wrap over strap (if BOA). I’m open to BOA or laces.

I love my SH-RP901s. About the same price as the RC7’s, but fit much more slipper-like to me.

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You’re going to need to order all the ones you’re interested in. Since road shoes have no padding, everything matters. I’d start with the Specialized Torch midlevel (downsides: inner ankle support digs in, the nicer one doesn’t have boa quick release), maybe an RP9 on closeout.

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@russell.r.sage @jfranci3. Looking at the SH-RP901 (RP-9), it has a tongue, no? Or is it connected/stitched in such a way as to prevent slipping/sliding to the side.

@jfranci3 Funny I tried the Torch 2.0 awhile ago and remember that ankle thing.

I’ve also experienced the “fits but the tongue slips” with the XC7. No surprise I guess, since it’s basically the same shoe as the RC7.

You’re probably right. Was trying to avoid having to do that.

It has a tongue, but it’s very thin and I’ve never had problems with it slipping. I believe I tried the RC7’s on when buying these, and the tongue was very different and the RP901’s fit much more snugly.

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You need to. No store on earth will have all of them handy for you. You need to put them on your feet while you sit at home for a an hour. Also, you’ve got a play with the sizing on these unpadded shoes - for example, in a Shimano XC9 & RX8 45s fit me by common measures, but the fore/aft positioning of the arch curve is better on the 46. The 45s splay my toes after 45min or so (even without insoles)

I should add Fizik and Giro have a nice lineup (as do many others), but I never found them the same value or I didn’t like the finishes. Bontrager’s shoes are a good bang for the buck and have gone up a level.

Specialized shoes - lot of pros cut these.

And what about Rc9 or cheaper rc5? They have similar construction and “tongue” part has been stiched with elastic band to the side of the shoe and there is no slippage. I have RC5 and despite you have to learn a few times how to put in this shoe overall experience us excellent.

I loved my RC7’s they fit great and I relegated them to trainer use for the last two years. My next shoe after the RC7 (and my current shoe, going on my second pair) is the Giro Empire SLX. Apparently Giro runs narrow and the shoes do feel a bit snug (until you’re worn them a few times) but to date the Empire’s are my favorite shoe. Just buy last years (or even two years ago) models…I found some new ones(but two model years old) on eBay from a store in Australia with cheap shipping to the UK when I lived there.

I really like the Empire’s and also the RC7’s as well. Both great shoes, admittedly the Shimano’s felt roomier.


Good luck!

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