Performance vs Competition shoes

So I’ve been going back and forth between the Shimano S-Phyre and the RP9. The RP9 is supposedly more built for endurance whereas the S-Phyre is a racing shoe. I do a lot of “longer” riding I.e usually 40-60 a day with some longer 70-100 days mixed in. Anyone have experience with either and can vouch one way or another? Seems like the RP9 should be the better option but the S-Phyre is the “premium” Shimano model. I’m currently riding in a pair of RP1s (Yes, seriously they were my first shoe and I’ve neglected this badly)

Maybe this compare and contrast review will help:

He talks about the RP9 at the end.

Pick whichever one fits best, and the hell with the description.



Seriously, fit will be a much bigger determinant in terms of function and comfort on your rides. Get the shoe that fits best and is the most comfortable. Any performance differences will be negligible.

If you have a luxury of trying shoes, take several starting from the cheapest to the most expensive and see which one feel the best. Do your best to filter out the marketing while trying them on.

You may find that the cheapest model fits you better than the more expensive one.