Shimano shoe sizing help

Does anyone have experience with recent model Shimano shoe sizing, specifically RC7 road shoes vs. XC7 mountain shoes. The size guide for my foot length says 45, but it felt too big.

Stock is slim in the LBSs but 44.5 RC7s fit great but no one has XC7s to try and online reviews are vague, and XC5s only come in whole sizes.

I wear a 46 in the RC7 shoes and I just got XC5’s for some gravel riding and had to go with 47’s. The first pair of 46 were too short, shorter than the RC7’s. The 47 XC7s are slightly roomy in the toes, but I will just not wear thin socks with them.

The 46’s would have been really uncomfortable (potential blister, toe numbness) if I had to do any hike a bike situations. I would have gone with 46.5 but as you said the XC5’s were only whole sizes.

Is it the length or the width? Shimano’s shoes, in my experience, are pretty wide so all of them always felt big on me. If you have a narrower foot or heel, you might try Giro or Specialized.

Thanks, this is what I was looking for. It looks like one needs to go up a 1/2 size in the XCs

Length, I am OK with Shimanos in regular width.

The RC7s in 44.5 fit perfectly but the XCs are a different last according to the LBS

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Wide RC701 in 45 felt way smaller than regular size 45 RX8s.

Officially I am a 42, but a wear 43 Shimano. (all mine are mtb/gravel two hole not road)


I usually order my shoes from Competitive Cyclist and get 2-4 pairs for try on, then send the others back - it’s only like 7$ or free if you’re a Summit Member like me! If you’re in the US.