XC/CX Shoe Suggestions

Have been waiting for a bit now for the S-works Recon to come back in stock or be replaced and now that it has, it looks like it would probably be great for gravel and dry XC but not a good option for muddy CX racing or rocky mtb trails. The Recon 3.0 hasn’t been restocked yet in my size, so may be getting replaced as well but aside from the Shimano XC7 and XC9 (which I seem to be in between sizing with, 40.5).

Any other suggestions for dual boa XC/CX shoes I should consider that accommodate toe spikes and have good mid sole grippy rubber, for getting clipped back in?

Was thinking Lake might be an option, if there isn’t a restock/replacement of the Recon 3.0 in the next month or so.

Current shoes are the Fizik X1 Infinito but I unfortunately bought them a 1/2 size too small and they are 2 years old now and quite worn from riding in rocky mtb trails, would buy again if they hadn’t Dc’d them for the velcro ones.

Shimano xc902/702. owned both, both very capable shoes. 702 less stiff which when having to run was a lot nicer.

no real performance difference between them. just price. and looks.

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Recons are actually great for cx. I’ve got varying length Horst toe spikes and they’ve done very well from dry dirt crits to mud up to my armpits races
I have the Redon 3.0 and they’re getting a bit long winded, plan on replacing with sworks when they’re available or possibly the shimanos

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They come in half sizes. You might need to look around a bit as not all retailers do them but they definitely exist.

I agree with noahphence that the 7s are nicer to run in. I’m more gravel than CX but bought the XC7s for anything that might require hike a bike - my RX8s are too stiff to do significant walking in - 7s are great though. Also chose them because I was considering entering a few CX races and they seemed like the ideal choice for me.

I think half sizes start at 41.5.

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