Shimano shoes - is the fit consistent across models?

I tried out the Shimano RX8 shoe, normal width, and it fits quite well but I’m not crazy about the shoe. I’m being a snob or maybe its personal, I just prefer something with a more premium feel.

Can I expect a similar fit from an s-phyre shoe? Road and mtb?

Side note - I was surprised the shoe fit as well as it did since many shoes have proven too narrow for my feet.

The RX8 is the oddball in their lineup in my experience.

I have the XC702, RC902, and RC702, and they all fit very close while the RX8 was narrower in the same size.

I have XC9’s and RC9’s, Size is the same between the two, but I need the RC9’s in their wide.

That’s interesting - a lot of cycling shoes are too narrow for me but the RX8 isn’t. I have no idea what to make of it except that cycling shoe fit can be super idiosyncratic.

The materials of the models affect the “drape” / “tenting” of the shoe. The rx8 is a different material than the other models. The placement of the adjustments also matters.

I have a loose correlation of a narrower fit on the dirt side versus the road. I started my shimano shoe collection with the RX8 gravel shoes which do seem a tad narrow. Then I decided to go shimano on road with the RC702 which are noticeably wider and roomier in the toe box. At the same time I ordered my wife a pair of the XC502 which are similar to my RX8 in their width.

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I got an RC903 and it feels marginally narrower than the RX8 but that might have to do with foot shape.

I have the RX8 and RC902 (both same size but the 902’s are a wide fit) and the RX8 are still a much more comfortable fit in the width. Not sure if it’s material or discipline as one is gravel and the other road.

I have several pairs of rc902 shoes in the same size and compared to each other they all feel the same. The rc902 is said to be narrower than the rc901, but I feel the difference is barely noticable.

I have also two pairs of rx8 and there is a small difference in the width of the toe part of the shoes: an older pair is a bit narrower than a more recent one.

It is hard to compare a shoes with different type of adjustment systems, but imo the rx8 fit is a bit more relaxed than rc902, but not much.

I have the RX8 gravel shoes and the RC7 road shoes - I find the fit similar in both.

I have pretty narrow feet and both are maybe a little wide for me if I was being picky.

This is the shoe last details for Shimano. Models in the same category are designed with the same last and should fit similarly. Although, materials and other design choices could affect the final fit.

Until shimano makes the xc902 in size 14, I’m boycotting them! Not out of principle, but bc they don’t fit me :crazy_face:

I wish I had your problems!

Yeah ity brilliant having narrow feet.
I feel at my most smug when i read a glowing review for a fantastic pair of cycling or running shoes where the reviewer says they are perfect other than being too narrow for some people :slight_smile:

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