What Pros Do Better Than Amateurs, Off-Season Training, and More - Ask a Cycling Coach 381

Pete Morris join us to discuss what pros do better than amateurs, how to have an off-season that will set you up for a record year, and how we all think Keegan will do now that he has been selected to represent the USA at Road World Championships!!

We’re back live this week! Tune in today at 10:00am Pacific!

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Topics Covered in This Episode

01:49 Keegan was selected to represent Team USA at Road World Championships! How will he do?
43:23 How to plan an off-season
01:00:18 What faster riders do differently
01:18:24 Off-season cross-training for cyclists

Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

2022 UCI World Road Champs Map
2022 UCI World Road Champs - Keira Climb
2022 UCI World Road Champs - City Lap 2022 UCI Road World Championships Elite Road Race course preview
How to watch the 2022 UCI Road World Championships – streaming and schedule

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What pros do better than amateurs.

  1. Have more free time to train.

This was fun.

Sadly, the 40 mile Keegan attack is right about the distance where another relatively well known rider is likely to depart the peloton.

Keegan is great, I love your enthusiasm, but nobody is out remcoing Remco.

Early attack from Remco. That sticks and he wins or there’s a reduced group with the favorites.

Wout, MVDP, Pogi, Girmay, Mathews.

In that group anybody could win. I’ll take MVDP.

Oh, and MVDP has been racing. 2 kermesse’s and one road race. He won them all.


new feature to adjust time for workouts based on day in plan builder is going to make things soooo much better,
@Nate_Pearson is this a “soonish” kind of release or “needs a bit more time” type of thing. not trying to make this something that creates timelines, but just wondering as we move into offseason and setting up training plans for the winter.

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It seems to be taking much longer than normal to upload to Spotify.

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Yeah, it’s also not on my regular podcast app yet.

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I think it’s really more time to recover (and more resources to recover - if they are “pro enough” to get those things for free).

Just listened to the episode today - loved it. (But: when will @ambermalika be back?)

The discussion about the World Championship was fun - but I kept trying to tell you that Pedersen won’t be there. I am rooting for some surprise winner. Question: I don’t think they are allowed to use radios at the WC - or is that for Olympics only?

Follow up to Jason’s question at the end, from a different Jason.

I’ve been thinking about specialty phase for awhile. Specifically as it applies to Midwest rolling gravel events (#iykyk)

Choose A) rolling road race, as the description seems most appropriate.
B) Crit, as endless 6-8+% 100 ft at a time seem more like the repeated corner exit efforts of a Crit.
And now C) long steady effort as @Jonathan mentioned. Try to bracket myself, not go too hard but keep on the pedals during the descents.

Repeated above threshold efforts are generally my weakness so I die a 1000 deaths at these style courses, even trying to be reserved a bit on the climbs.

Curious what others think? I’m looking forward to queuing up plan builder again this winter. Thanks.