Stages Power Meter Installation

Hey all-

I just installed a stages left crank arm power meter on my 2017 Specialized Crux. Post installation, I am noticing that the distance between the crank arms and the seat tube is a bit different. I of course didn’t measure before hand, so I am not sure if this is normal. Distance from right crank to seat tube is around 45 mm. Distance between left crank arm and seat tube is around 39 mm. Does that sound normal? There is not room on the spindle for additional spacers. Thanks!

That definitely doesn’t sound normal. Did you just buy the crank arm, or did you also get a spindle?

What BB and spindle type?

I got the crank arm and Spindle B, which is supposed to be the one for SRAM Force. BB30.

I’d recommend reaching out to Stages. Frankly, i’ve had issues with spindle length on BB30 bikes across a variety of different power meters and I’ve never been able to diagnose properly without going to a good mechanic who is good with spacers and measuring to make sure that things are even.

Never had an issue with GXP oddly enough though :man_shrugging:

Ugh, thanks. Nothings ever easy with bikes, haha.