Power meter for 41mm pressfit BB


I am looking for a leftcrank powermeter that fits my 41mm pressfit BB. I am having a raceface crank at the moment.

Does anyone has some suggestions?


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Think you’re looking at this slightly wrong. The BB doesn’t matter that much. What you need to find is a PM that fits your crankset. You are replacing the left-side crank arm with one with a PM attached to it. I don’t know if there is one for those cranks (I kind of doubt it).

If you can’t find one for your current crankset, you might need to replace the crankset with one where you can have a PM. Then it becomes important what BB you have, especially what the inner diameter and the total width of it is, so that the cranks fit.

If you can’t find a crank-based PM, you could look into a spyder one. I think there is a thread on here with recommendations for 4-bolt spyder PMs.

If none of that works, power meter pedals might be an option,


Does this help


Yes it helps i am trying to get my hands on a leftside stages now.

anyone knows how to remove the left crankarm from the axle on a raceface turbine crankset?

I don’t think you can

I dont know either. I cant see any part where i can grip with an allen key. The inside is round and smooth. The outside doesnt have any place to grip on either.
Btw its the crank from my fatbike.

So the posts in your other thread, you can’t by the looks of it, when you buy the stages lh cranks, you buy a matching axle as well, I’m not sure you are going to be do this, see the other thread, but your crank doesn’t seem to be one thtat stages supports AND you are on a 24mm axle (BB92 in first pic)

I’d advise against opening multiple threads about the same thing, makes easy for things to get missed