Power meter recomendation

Hi all

My stages carbon crank arm pedal threaded socket has come loose and is out of warranty so im on the look out for a new PM. Ive been in touch with a carbon frame repair specialist who says it would be difficult to repair and the chances of it coming loose again are very probable…

Thoughts are a full Aluminum crank set to suit my 2014 epic hardtail ( PF46 BB ). The frame is non boost.

Also want to avoid stages and carbon in general, The battery life and pedal socket coming loose has put me off Stages carbon cranks. Im aware of rotor and quarq but wanted to hear peoples experience with both on mountain bikes.

Cheers all, hope your all keeping safe!

I’ve had a SRM MTB spider before, now have a Sram Power2max on my fat bike/mountain bike, the Power2max is great, very consistent power readings and zero offset, easy to change batteries too

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FSA crank? Try to get it warrantied through them.

out of warranty unfortunately

im happy with my powertap hub!

PF46 = bb30

You need/want a new crank anyway? What 1x? Shimano or Sram? What size chain rings? Anything else need maintenance while you’re at it?
Pics would help- I don’t see a hardtail Epic in Specialized lineup around that time for example.

Favero pedals with the body change $500+100
Power2max $590 with used crank $75
Stages $400+ used crank

Take a look at the Vegan Cyclist and Chris Miller’s Favero Assioma review.

I’ve had them for a year and can swear by them. I wouldn’t recommend other pedal based solutions at the moment

I love my power tap on my road bike, would consider a hub for the mtb in the future.

How do you find the bearing seal? when my g3 hub on the road bike gets wet i have to leave it to dry out and have had to dry it out with a hair dryer after really wet rides

Hi All . Cheers for the recommendations.

I got an XT stages arm for dirt cheap ( £100 ) from my brother so just swapped my crankset & bb out for a PF46 26mm.

It worked out the cheapest option and i now have aluminium cranks which are heavier than the carbon ones they replaced but i am happier as i have had the original carbon stages fail and a frame in the past 2 years.

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Maybe I should start paying closer attention? I have one on my road bike also, can’t say I’ve ridden in many wet conditions but I haven’t had a problem with either. And I beat the piss out of my mtb