What parts of strava rides are incorporated into adaptive training analysis?

The weather is beautiful in Chicago this week, and instead of my scheduled training, I did the Skyway Classic, a 3 day series criterium for new racers (4 or novice). I’ve linked strava to trainer road, and answered the survey about how the races felt (HARD, to VERY HARD). How much of that strava data gets used by the adaptive training analysis? And how does that change with the sensors I use : I have speed, cadence and heartrate data, but no power on my bike.

I’m curious as I’m about to export a workout to external to do Pierce -4, a workout that seems designed to emulate crits.

They’ll only use the rides if they are matched to a TR workout at the moment and even then its only a pass or fail I think, and then bolstered by your survey, so they don’t actually use the specific data.

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For reference, here is the limited thing we can do.

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