How can I use indoor cycling classes with my training plan

I teach a watts based indoor cycle class at a local gym. The class is a great group of regulars that show up consistently week after week. We do periodic FTP testing and everyone knows their numbers. I structure the hour long workouts around a seasonal training cycle for my local area as most of the participants are triathletes or avid road cyclists. The bikes are Stages bike and they can be added as a device in TR.
How can I use these workouts in TR to get credit towards my Ironman training plan workouts? I’ve heard mention on the podcast about importing outdoor rides to get that data considered for adaptive training, Will the indoor classes also count? I have TR connected to Strava/Garmin and I see the rides in the activity list. I don’t want to just coach my TR workout of the day to the class while I do it, but also want to maximize the data based adaptations based on when I coach hill workouts, speed work, intervals, or sweet spot efforts.
It’s only 1 hour of matches burned per week, but with swimming and running, working fulltime and family time, those matches are in short supply.

Accounting for non-TR workouts and unstructured rides of any kind is an extremely high priority for our development team.
Until then, a workaround is to find a similar ride profile, either associate your strava spin-class file with it or just mark it as ‘outside’ > ‘complete’, and you’ll get credit within Adaptive Training and for your Progression Levels.

Heaps of AT help info here, and as always, feel free to check in with with any questions.

Thanks Ivy!

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