What if sometimes I have time and sometimes not

Hi guys, I have a question, I wish you all could help me. And sorry for my English but I’m from Argentina.

Well, I’m doing Sweet Spot Base 2 and I wish I could do high volume, but because of work sometimes I can only do mid volume workouts, my question is, if for example I can’t do Hunter -1 on thursday, that is a 2 hours workout should I do a workout variant like Hunter -4 that is a 1:30 workout or should I do the workout that is on the SSB 2 Mid volume that in this case is Mount Field, is a 1 hour workout, sometimes I have 1 hour, sometimes I have 1:30 and others 2 it really depends. But I don’t want to do is to do mid volume plan because a lot of day I do have more time. What do you think? It’s like a plan that is between mid and high volume that I want to do but I don’t know what workout do.

Thanks all!

Hola Bruno. Lo siento, hablo solo un poco español…

SSB High Volume and SSB Mid Volume are very different training plans. High volume works by doing long workouts below FTP, actually at sweetspot. Medium volume works by doing shorter workouts but making some of them above threshold, especially at vo2 max.

So the problem is that they don’t really match each other very well.

I think you should only do the High Volume plan if you know you can do all the hours.

What I would do is Mid Volume - but on the days you can do 1hr30 or 2hrs, add another 30-60 minute zone 2 workout after the one on your plan. So on Tuesday Week 2, do Taylor -2 and then Pettit or Birch.

You can do Mid Volume and when you have the time for a longer workout, pick a longer variant of the same workout.


You can do High Volume and when short on time, do the shorter variant of the scheduled workout.

If work only causes problems once in a while, then go w/the high volume. But, if work is going to be an issue for a lot of workouts, go with mid volume.