What happened to my plan?

I really don’t understand whats happened to the Mac app. All my historic plans have disappeared and so has the plan I was 7 weeks into and just got ready to ride. Can anyone help?

For Trainer Road: this is a very unhelpful update. I just want to ride I don’t want to have to figure out whats happened.


This happened to me too. Any help would be appreciated.

see this thread … The new calendar feature kills the current training plan?

Check this out too: Plan Migration Improvement Based on Feedback

I have one workout left in my current plan so it’s not a huge deal, but a whole years worth of workouts are now not associated with any plans. So, I’m not getting the benefits of the calendar. I can’t see workouts I missed or what actual tss vs planned tss was, etc, basically all the cool features you go over in the Q&A video.

I can’t just add the plan either, I get an error about the start date being to long ago 7/31/18.

And you’ve already addressed it in another thread but the Mac update is crazy to me. There is just no other way to say it. You took working software and removed functionality. The Mac app is just a list of workouts now no career.

My wife just summed this up perfectly… I still have all my data but the story of the data has been removed.


We’re going to add that to your calendar. You’ll see when each plan started both in the calendar and above on the TSS graph. You’ll also see races up there. It should really fill in your story.

We’ve got a designer working on it now, it should be pretty quick to implement.

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