What free apps can control trainer wattage? [Resolved ✅]

My TR subscription just expired and I’m not going to renew for a while till I 100% get over chronic ankle pain issues I have while cycling.
I’m looking for an app that I can connect to my Tacx Neo 2 and set the wattage in erg mode, does anyone have any recommendations?
If I can resolve my ankle issues, I’m hoping to just do some easy zone 2 work and after a few months without issue, resubscribe.


This is a good option that has a free and low cost version that opens the functions a bunch:

If all you want to do is set an ERG value manually vs loading a workout that has the various levels programmed, you can do that with most head units. The Wahoo Fitness app also allows simple ERG mode power setting. I have not tried, but would even guess that might be possible with the basic Tacx app, so you might check that out if you haven’t done so already.


I use the wahoo app for majority of my indoor rides these days. Works great.


Wonderful, thanks for those suggestions, I’ve just download all of them and will play around :slight_smile:

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Thank you, Mr Riddle.


The Tacx app does this: New Ride → workout → Start Training Power

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A Garmin head unit can control the trainer and allows you to set the target power while riding. Other brands can probably also do that.

You can even ride a route and it sets the trainer resistance dependent on the gradient along that route.


The Kurt Kinetic Fit app has a bunch of free workouts

Can also build your own workouts in intervals.icu

Do they have an actual workout player now?

What the what now? I had no idea :+1: :metal: Thanks

The Android version doesn’t seem to have any, at least for me.

Concur, its free, and works very well.

I do, thank you, is there the option for me to mark this thread as “solved”?

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I will update the title and it will remain here for reference by others with similar questions.

Thank you very much, you’re a very helpful gent :slight_smile:

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Happy to help. :smiley:

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