Free ride with erg mode?

I don’t think this option is available that I can see but maybe I’m missing something.

I don’t see in TR where I could start a Free Ride workout but set specific watts and adjust as I go along. I know resistance can be adjusted but I would like to be able to set specific watts or %ftp and adjust throughout the free ride. Then when I finish, save the session as a workout that I could re-ride again. I used to have a Tacx trainer and their iOS app I could load power mode, adjust watts along the way then save that workout at the end and later load that workout and do it again. Sure I can do this in the workout builder but I often don’t want to bother with my laptop.

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What trainer are you using now?

Couldnt you do the same thing again on your trainer app, upload/sync the workout result to TR so it’s included in your calendar/TSS graph?

And the repeat the workout on your trainer app whenever you feel like it?

I know wahoo lets you control the watts in erg mode via their app. A sync between trainer app, Strava, Dropbox or trainingspeak and TR should solve your laptop bother issue

Elite direto. It’s app does not have the powermatch feature like TR.