Free Trainer Control App w/ Resistance Mode?

I have been using ErgVideo’s free version for the last few years to do my workouts. I create and use workouts from TrainerDay (formerly ErgDB). This has worked great, but as far as I can tell, there is no way to have resistance mode in ErgVideo.

Are there any free options with resistance mode? Or if there is a way to do it in ErgVideo that I am missing, I am all ears.

You might be able to do this with the Xert player, I know it has resistance mode, but I have a subscription there. I believe there is some free functionality from Xert but I don’t remember how much.

@GT7 Thanks, I just started a month trial with them and I’ll see how the player works tomorrow. I really just want resistance mode for sprints, so I’ll use ErgVideo for the main workout and then just add some sprints in resistance mode at the end.

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I’ve got a Wahoo Kickr and can either:

  • use free Wahoo app to set resistance
  • use Garmin 530 bike computer to set resistance

My workouts happen to come from TrainingPeaks, and they sync auto-magically to my bike computer. Simply put the bike on trainer, turn on bike computer, and it asks if I want to do today’s workout. Data screens on bike computer are setup the same for inside and outside. Only difference is that inside the trainer mode needs to be set. I actually prefer using TrainerRoad app to set the mode and resistance, but the free options above work just fine.

My preference on the Kickr is Level / Standard mode as the faster you go the harder it gets, which is perfect for short sprints.

Unfortunately the Wahoo app doesn’t seem to work for the H2 trainer. I wish the Saris app would add a resistance mode option.

That is good to know about the Garmin. I was planning on getting a Wahoo Bolt, but may have to reconsider. Do you need Training Peaks premium to send to the Garmin?

Edit:. Looks like the new Wahoo Bolt might be able to do this as well. I am waiting to see if REI sends out a coupon next month that can be used on the Bolt.

As far as I know, both Garmin and Wahoo bike computers support controlling resistance. TrainingPeaks free allows you to create a workout for today or tomorrow, and it will sync to either Garmin or Wahoo bike computer. The two big differences between a Garmin 530 and Wahoo Bolt:

  • Garmin 530 has real navigation and a lot of features
  • Wahoo Bolt has phone based setup and a simple user experience

Both computers handle the basics just fine. I went with function over form and bought the 530 and its been great, no regrets.


You may also want to have a look at GoldenCheetah. You can basically set up any trainer with it. And if you want you can just “grab” the power-information and not connect via ANT+ FE-C.
This way the trainer will not be able to adjust resistance to the training you have planned. GoldenCheetah can process the workouts from TrainerDay. Only thing I’ve found is that it works best using ANT+. Bluetooth support I’m not sure.
So ideally you should be good with that. :slight_smile:


I tried Golden Cheetah back before I found ErgVideo. Maybe I’ll have to look at it again, but I just remember it seemed like the least user-friendly app I’ve ever seen. I was completely lost.

Well… if you want user-friendly TrainerRoad has some pretty good stuff to offer :wink:

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I’ll stick with the free options, just looking for options I didn’t know about. Seems like when I grab a Wahoo bolt I’ll be good to go. I just don’t think there needs to be a paywall to use a bike trainer.

I’ve got about 100 workouts on Garmin Connect mobile. Been using the mobile app for 4 years, really easy to create workouts on your phone. It’s another reason I went with Garmin.