What event length to allow adaptive training/ plan builder to progress properly for short KOM's

About 3 years ago I started cycling. I spent most of the lockdowns during 2020 training for a 1 mile, 2 minute all out KOM in my local neighborhood. Being in my infancy when it came to periodization and structured workouts, I self coached back then with my best guess. I pretty much kept it stupid simple. Ride at Zone 2 most days and then go all out on the KOM once a week a few times during the same workout to get better. Eventually I got it! In 2021 I was thwarted on my KOM and I am determined to get it back. I have found Trainerroad and the awesome community that surrounds it. I am deep diving into structured training, periodization, and proper coaching. Chasing KOM’s are still an ego driven goal of mine, but, I find myself wanting to perform my first bike race this year as well which is a rolling road race of around 50 miles in length. The hobby and passion is growing.

The road race is in the second half of the year. It is obviously a completely different energy system driven requirement than a silly short sprint KOM. With that being said, I don’t know of a good event type to input into the trainer road adapted plan to essentially train for the KOM. I know its going to consist of VO2 work and Anaerobic Work. Without a event type or duration that mimics these short KOM’s I notice the plan builder doesn’t automatically create workouts that are focusing on these specifics. I just manually change to a Zone 5+ workout when I feel like it within a training block. Any thoughts on a) how much anaerobic work would yield a benefit (I am thinking time, how long of a training block? and 2) what are some of your pacing strategies on short KOM’s. I think in the past I have just attempted to dump and hold onto power until I fell off my power curve. I realize now this was not ideal and I blew up the legs prematurely. I’ve also tried a negative split where I just thrash it towards the end 30 seconds assuming that’s the best anaerobic sprint length I had a chance of holding.

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I think I’d chose the criterium plan low volume if you want to go for the short KOM. It’s what’s got me really competitive too in 2020 but I found that whereas my 30-180s power got to be quite good I found my sustained power to be quite lacking so to complement that I started what will probably be a climbing road race (might switch to century or 40k TT when I get to specialty after sustained power build, not 100% sure yet)

I’d potentially look at the Gravity plan under MTB

I like how description goes from a) right into 2) :rofl:

Anyway maybe post up the segment to see about strategy/pacing, see if there is any inclines or rolling terrain etc. (not to go steal it for ourselves :star_struck:)

Didn’t even notice the discrepancy lol. And it’s essentially a big loop like a track, only 150 ft elevation gain and is a little over a mile. Fastest guy did it at 24 mph, 2 min 39 sec. I held 309 watts for 2:45 seconds at my best. We are all probably low on the Cat scale in our friendly neighborhood haha.

Since it is a loop the windsurfing metric goes out the window. 150ft of elevation is quite a lot for one mile. On my hilly rides I aim for 100ft per mile and that is a bit more.
I think you are close to the target with maybe just a few extra watts and some good KOM techniques.

Tuck your head down just a little bit lower then normal, you can make it 150 seconds and add significant speed.
Remove your bottle cages and bottles. Bring an enduro “fanny pack” if possible to pick back up after the effort.
Have a freshly lubed drivetrain and possibly fit new tires that are faster rolling.
Wear a skinsuit and any aero advantages you can make to you or your bike.

These little optimizations are what are going to make the difference. Focus on your rolling road race and this will come right along with consistent training.

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