What does everyone watch while training indoors

I’ve watched all of these at least a couple times, strong +1 from me

I typically watch something generic on Netflix while training. Something I’m not particularly focused on and don’t mind if I zone out a bit. Formulaic TV shows are perfect for me - if I miss 10 minutes of an episode of something like Bones or Arrow it doesn’t really matter - every episode follows the same structure and I can pretty much pick up and move on

I just finished the last season on Netflix. I was like oh no! Now what do I binge. :frowning:

I had never heard of this site before but I used it last night to watch a stage of a Chinese tour. Not sure why the Giro stages seemed to be available but did not play. Maybe they had timed out as they were a couple of months old.
Enjoyed the site though - thanks for the pointer

While I’m not a Facebook chap I have created an account as GCN are streaming live, and making available on demand, all the DVV, SuperPrestige and Soudal classics through the cyclocross season. It’s something I watch every winter to help me through indoor training

So far (that I can remember):

  1. The Wire (Seasons 1 - 4, Season 5 sucked). Think I’m on my 3rd run through atm, my favourite show to watch.
  2. Mindhunter
  3. Stranger Things
  4. Bosch
  5. Mr Robot
  6. Pearl Izumi Tour Series (UK 10 race summer crit)
  7. Great GT stages (i.e Stage 7 of the 2010 Giro or Stage 19 of this years Giro).

The Thin Yellow Line.

Mostly monotonous, at times jarring, fairly predictable plot, rarely entertaining, yet somehow always satisfying. :thinking:

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Well it had been the Marvel Universe stuff on NetFlix (Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Iron Fist, Defenders, The Punisher) but we just finished all of them so not sure at the moment. But something on Netflix typically, or Hulu Live as they have the UCI events so some CX too.

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I stare at my power output number, or rpm, on my phone the whole session.

I have no idea how people pay attention to movies or TV during a session! I tried it a couple of times: terrible training and terrible watching :smile:


Peaky Blinders and Better Call Saul on Netflix. Also totally tat ScFi B movies which my girlfriend would hate…

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Last hour or 2 of either…
Sagan winning the Roubaix
Froomes 80km breakaway or Zoncolan win in the Giro
Thomas win on Alpe
Love it!


So yesterday I was doing the Rendezvous ride with the TR window minimized and had an episode of Supernatural on Netflix playing. I had closed captioning on and got an interesting overlap of TR text with closed captioning below it. TR text was something like “your first interval is about to begin.” Directly below it was the caption “you are going to hell.”


I listen to music and watch the TR numbers. I think it helps to keep me focused and mentally HTFU.


Netflix/Prime series when doing workouts (those least intellectually demanding :P)
Old CX races when doing a Ramp test; I set it so that the race finish falls at around 20-21 minutes into the test :smiley:

Music on headphones and numbers on screen.

Training is my time to focus and hit the numbers. I wouldn’t be watching Netflix or Oprah out on the road so why would you want to do that indoors?
I find my mind can wander for a split second during an interval just long enough for my numbers to wander. TV is too much of a distraction, I wouldn’t be paying attention to it anyway…
Do you want to find out what happens on your favourite TV programme or actually become a faster cyclist…


cyclocross races as they last about 75m in duration and great motivation to keep going!

Road wars (UK), traffic cops etc. Weird but police car chases etc keep me motivated on the trainer. I have done many 3-6hr sessions over the years. It’s not my normal genre but what ever gets it done
Also like to watch CX or mountain bike racing

Thank you for this!!!

CYCLING GAMES on YouTube has cx and road races. Some stuff you’ll never see elsewhere.

All different kind of stuff depending on mood and workout. I use an AppleTV with all the native Apps. For easy stuff it is all Netflix and TV series, for the medium stuff either bike racing on YT or something cool on RedBullTV. When things get tough I only listen to music.

I’ve run dry on some content to watch/listen to on the trainer.

What are you enjoying on netflix/podcasts etc at the moment?

Aside from TDF that is!