What did you get for Christmas?

Can be a gift for you or a gift you gave yourself!

I always seem to take advantage of the awesome sales during the holidays.
-I got a FENIX 6x pro
-HED jet 6+ rear with black track
-Dewalt power tools


And now as Festivus rolls on, we come to the feats of strength… :joy:


I’ve not opened much at all yet and the day is almost over

A good day for me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I gave myself: a Huub tri suit (black Friday deal, waited until today to open), Park chain cleaner tool, Silca tire levers, a lb of Black Cat Espresso, replacement cleats (road and gravel) and a hand cranked burr coffee grinder (for road trip espressos). Awesome boss gave me $50 gift certificate to The Feed. I’m pretty easy to shop for…when I’m shopping for myself… :rofl: Hope everyone’s holiday was Awesome

  • A Wahoo Rival watch
  • An Apple Watch strap
  • An Ember mug
  • A set of ski bibs
  • A Memory called Empire, by Arkady Martine

Saw Castelli bib longs (linked to on this Forum) at a good and my Mum wanted to get me something so I pointed her there. They are a bit thin for the coldest weather but they’ll be ideal most of the time and are a good fit.
My sister got me Dare2Be cycling jersey and for a change she’s got small not medium so it should be a good fit too.
I also got a snowflake multi tool keying. I probably wouldn’t use it on a ride but it’ll be useful to have lying around.

Cycling stuff:

  • Bontrager Bib Shorts
  • Bontrager Leg Warmers
  • Endura Sleeveless Baselayer Top

Non cycling stuff:

  • Candle/Handsoap combo
  • Amazon & Target Gift Cards
  • An ornament
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Just a weekend of working


:grin:…It was a good year for cycling presents​:santa::christmas_tree::gift::
2x Giordana Cycling bib and jersey.
CYCLIQ set (front, back, mounts, and protectors).
RAD Indoor trainer desk.
Extension cable and ANT+ receiver for tablet.
Cadence sensor.
Bike Multi-Tool.

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A couple of these Bivo bottles. They’re pretty cool.

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And a partridge in a pear tree? You really took care of yourself this year! :joy:

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Bike packing saddle bag big enough to fit my running shoes in. Now I’m ready for some rides including trail runs.

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One of those Xlab torpedo bottles and a Trolli candy stocking :joy:
2 years ago I bought myself a TT bike and shipped it to my parents overseas for a race and then couldn’t get into the country until now, so I’m considering that part of the package!

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Rule 28 socks.


ps. which ones??? They’re my favorite.



No actual presents this year which is what I wanted. However, my real present was spending some really fun times with my daughter outside with her new volleyball net.



And a successful launch if the JWST!


Grinder upgrade.