What did you get for Christmas?

Not Christmas, but I got:
Amazon gift card
Contribution to house renovation fund
Rapha retro wool blend jersey, socks, gift certificate

From me to me: Karoo 2 to replace my Garmin Edge 820

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Lowe’s had an awesome sale going on prior to Christmas so I got…
-2x5 battery pack and a free tool (saw zaw)
-another 2x5 battery pack and (free tool (reciprocating saw)
-2 pack drills and free tool (circular saw)

All tools are the 20 XR Max and we’re too good of a deal to pass up. I did have 150 there in gift cards and then I bought the other 2 combo sets (and free tool) a few weeks apart. We are expecting to redo our deck this spring and the deals were awesome. The 2 drills combo and each of the 2 packs of 5 batteries came with a bag and charger too. I’m set!

Never heard of them. Insulated?

The guy at Lowes I spent over an hour talking to was just as excited about me buying the tools as I was. It was a good time. That store and bike stores get me in trouble!


No, not insulated. Flow is on point though.

Power Mirror saddle. That was more than enough (price wise, at least).

Wifey got me some nice Merrill hiking boots to replace the LL Bean ones I’ve had for 30 years.


Gift to myself: Fenix 6 Sapphire
Gift from others: Garmin Varia

Edit: I asked for the Varia after reading so many posts here recommending them. I used it on a ride today and it worked great!


Kids Ride Shotgun Pro bike seat for me and my kiddo!

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I got a Grizl CF SL7!


My first gravel bike!

I had been casually shopping for about 4-5 months. Back in September/October, my local Santa Cruz dealer told me to “call back next year” for a Stigmata.

Came across the realization that I might have no bike for BWR SD 2022, so when Canyon’s Grizls were finally in stock, I bought one. I think they sold out in just a few days.


Fresh new riding gear ! :smiley:


Nice! Post pics of it when it’s built up.

How do you like the Rapha shoes? What is the fit like?

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A sprained ankle after I fell down a step at my parent’s house :pensive:. (For the purpose of clarity, alcohol did not play a role in the incident :woozy_face:)


How do you all convince your families to get you cycling gear?! Mine have banned me from requesting any after getting me my lycra bits and shiny new bobs for the bike last couple of years and not understanding why I’m so happy :joy:


From others:

  • Pactimo summit 12 hour bibs

From me to me:

  • Rule 28 aero sleeves
  • Endure, Alex Hutchinson

I got (myself) a Canyon Spectral 29 :fire:


To myself: Took myself out on a 200km road ride on a beautiful sunny Christmas Eve.

To me: My parents-in-law have taken our kids to the beach for a few days…so today my husband and did a 100km MTB loop to warm up for our 300km trip tomorrow (over a couple days) to meet the family!

So thankful that we even have this chance at the moment after a couple years of restrictions and lockdowns in Australia.


A Withings Body+ WiFi Scale. I already don’t like it, number was higher than what I’ve got on my Zwift account :rofl::rofl::rofl: and $100 cash that I’ll probably use as an excuse to spend $500 on something bike related.


Weight doper. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The quality is really nice. Dry fit is good so far, and they include arch inserts for high and low which is nice! However I haven’t ridden in them yet… roads are iced over so it’s the trainer for me right now. For a long while I was scared of the sizing and I never got them myself because of it… but my wife risked it and ordered me a 43 which is VERY close the the 43.5 fit I have on my Mavic shoes. so fingers crossed they feel good on a ride :crossed_fingers:t5: !

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