All I want for Christmas

I have it on good authority that Santa is bringing me a Garmin Fenix5+ AND a Wahoo Climb this year. I have been a very good boy all year. Anybody else got big hopes for Christmas Day?


All I want for Christmas is for my Neo Smart Bike to finally ship :slight_smile:

My significant other is impatiently waiting to be able to use the paincave, since she hasn’t been able to run due to a running overuse injury.


Little stuff this year… saving the cross/gravel bike for next year!

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An Ortlieb waterproof backpack, a Lezyne hand pump, Ned Boulting’s “2018 Road Book”, and the full box set of Britain’s Greatest Cycling Climbs are all in my letter to Santa. Time will tell whether I’ve done enough TSS to be considered a good boy.

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Not to totally destroy myself with food and drink before club’s boxing day morning 10 mile TT!


Hoping for a Lazer Z1 and some look s-track race pedals. Muddy cx race proved that singled sided pedals are no good.

Also hoping for a magic 50 W increase but that is up to me :grimacing:

Santa is bringing me a Wahoo Headwind.


The only bike related gift I’m getting this year is a set of clip on aero bars.

Just checked my calendar and it seems Santa is bringing me ‘English’. So that’s 14 mins at 127% for me. Ho ho ho.


On the night before Christmas (when all through the house no other creature will stir, not even a mouse), I will be taking on Huffaker.


A Garmin cadence sensor for the mountain bike :mountain_biking_woman:

Few bits and pieces - saving for La Doyenne trip and have to get a bike box for that too. Longer term, have my eyes out for a gravel/ adventure bike.

I have been putting a bit of money aside each week for one of these and will be buying one for myself in the next week or so.
Unjustifiable really but nice to have.

Santa’s bringing me a kickr core. (Well, I’ve already been using it for the last two weeks, but I’m not allowed to let the kids see so it can go under the tree on the day). A nice upgrade from my 20ish year old cycleops fluid 1.

Santa came early with a new avio powersense for me, bit I do have a back up present in the form of a signed copy of G’s new book

For me its a Kickr as I’ve been on virtual power for too long now since my old power tap gave up the ghost. Oh and maybe a 200w increase in FTP.

Though I know santa is cheeky and will only sort one of the above :stuck_out_tongue:

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Anxious to hear how it works and certainly hope Tacx has a runaway hit!

I had a Wattbike Atom — biggest piece of junk I ever bought for cycling. Cost a fortune and absolutely sucked.

I hope I get a new frame, full groupset and other parts. And also a power meter.

Oh, wait, I already have all of those. I hope I get some free time to put them together.

I want my system six to finally be shipped