What color for glasses?


I want to get good glasses which offer prtection against bright sunlight and at the same time correct my eyesight.
For some years I get my gear from ekoi, great shop, good prices. now I want to try their customized glasses incl corrective glasses.

But I am smashed by the options: https://racing.ekoi.com/de/configurateur/ekoi-premium-80-23.html

Can anybody help me please? Which color of the glasses would be a good choice for changing sunlight/shadow and also for bright sunlight? Is there any difference between red, yellow, blue or dark glasses?

Generally I prefer a cooler color on my sunglasses? Also, wat does Cat 0-3 mean?

A bit lost, thx!

(I am not in any way connected to ekoi, just a satisfied loyal customer)

I like Ekoi stuff too! Such great value for money.
The Cat 0-3 is basically how much light the glasses filter out. You say you want protection against bright sunlight, so you should probably go for Cat 3. As for the colour… it come’s down to personal taste. Although I think most of them are tinted a bit on the warmer spectrum, event though they look blue on the outside (for example). So as far as I know the outside colour doesn’t influence what you see all that much.

I have the premium 80 in blue :wink:

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It also looks to me like the lenses that are separated out as ‘PH 1-3’ might be photochromatic (they get darker when exposed to bright light). So that might a good choice if you will frequently be going from bright to shadowed. They don’t change instantly but fast enough if you are doing long stretches of each.

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The last time I swapped lenses it was:
Yellow/Pink/Orange - Changeable.

I rarely cycle in the dark these days and where either Oakley Prizm which seem do the latter two conditions well. Or I use Endura reactolites when roads are gritty and they also cover/ react to the latter two conditions.

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Honestly, depends on what you are riding. For open road, I have not found anything better than my Oakley jawbones (?) - but will have to as the lenses are peeling. >90% light blockage was great.

Low light/ overcast I use yellow.

For dirt, I use the Oakley glasses made specifically for trail riding. They have made things so specific I am stunned. And it helps.

Talk with your eye person. See what they have available. Mine does not charge much for the Oakley (compared to MSRP) when buying other glasses.

I do NOT go with prescription lenses as the cost kills me. I wear contacts and accept I cannot see up close (stupid bifocals).


Well, if you can get yourself to wear contacts you have way more options and don’t to have to replace them if your prescription changes.

For myself I use photochromic lenses for mountain biking and 100% S3’s for road/gravel with 21% light transmission. I have Oakley Jawbones photochromic and just picked up a photochromic lens for my Smith Attack Max frames for MTB. I like a frame that doesn’t have any material at the bottom of the lens especially for mountain biking.

Anyway these are all options that aren’t prescription but if can figure out how to make it work with contacts it is just so much better than messing with finding cycling glasses with prescription lenses.

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Great, thanks folks.

@Bikeguy0 true, lenses plus sunglasses makes maybe more sense.