What causes the disconnect between website PL and app PL?

What causes the disconnect between progression levels on the website, vs. progression levels in the app? I did Kashmir this morning, which was rated ‘productive’ in the app and upon completion I marked it as ‘moderate’. In the app, I got a progression update of .1 in Sweet Spot, and it took me to a 6.0. I suppose the app thought I was 5.9 before the workout.

A few hours later, when I signed onto the website, the workout is now marked as “Stretch” with a progression of 1.3 in Sweet Spot, and it took me to a 6.0. I suppose the website thought I was 4.7 before the workout.

Why were the two out of sync ? Tomorrow morning, will the AT brain try to ‘go easy’ on me because it thinks I did stretch workout and progressed 1.3 – or, will the AT brain think I’m kinda lazy, because my progression was only .1 ?

I don’t have a definitive answer for you but maybe today was when your PL for that zone was due to be degraded because you hadn’t ridden ‘there’ for a while. Possible the app didn’t sync to the website and you got downgraded to 4.7, the previous workout then synced and you got your bump to 6.0

This is the most likely reason, but as always, feel free to check in with support@trainerroad.com so they can take a look if after a day or so, things arent lining up in the way you expect.