What can I do to recover best between races packed tightly together?

I had a really hard 70-minute race yesterday, which was a 7-lap race around a really punchy course. It was a C-grade race, and I got dropped when the pace ramped up at the beginning of the 7th lap, and even though I climbed the hardest part of the course quicker than any other time, I still saw the lead group disappearing over the crest and never got back on.
I’ve got another race tonight, (a criterium) and a third race (another crit) tomorrow night.
I’ve stretched, taken a recovery shake (SIS Rego), slept well, and eaten carbs like they are going out of fashion. What else can I do to recover as well as possible for each race?

Stretching won’t help recovery, but probably won’t hurt either. Other than staying off your feet you’re doing everything right. The only thing I’d add is finding a way to decompress (meditation) and enjoy something non cycling related during your off time.

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