Recovery from BC Bike Race

So in perusing many of the topics related to recovery most of them deal with training and recovery before the actual race itself. Having just completed my first stage race in BC Bike Race I’m a little unsure what recommended recovery is. My prep for it consisted of SSB and General Build, never made it to the planned XCM plans due to life.

I haven’t done much since the race ended Friday but are their any opinions/thoughts on what recovery should look like for the next few weeks? Hoping to start training for CX as well with the first races starting first week of September.

Spend some time to free the mind and just ride until you need to start training again. That’s what I did after my last big race (100 mile mtb). I just needed time to not train. And it made training more enjoyable when I started back up.

Not the most scientific thing to do I guess but I saw no fitness loss except maybe some top end sprint power. This was about a 4 week period for me.


I also just finished BCBR. I did a fun ride on the north shore on Sunday, and am going to do a couple of Z2 rides on the trainer this week. I don’t feel too bad, but riding up the hill on the way home from work I could tell the power is (temporarily) gone. I will probably take another week of riding for fun and then get back at it for CX season.

This is what (probably) works for me - listen to your body.
The only pic I got so far…

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Day 1: was off the bike
Day 2: Lazy Mountain - felt fine
Day 3: Petit - felt fine
Day 4: Striped+1… we shall see how it goes

I think that’s more my issue is I feel like I have the energy to start training but when I got on the trainer yesterday and tried to do a ramp test I pretty much had no sustainable power. Maybe I’ll give it a couple days and try again.