San Rafael Crit

Watching San Rafael Crit on FloBikes and @Nate_Pearson is Cat 3, right? If it’s him (and I’m pretty sure it is), he’s looking great in the Masters 35+ & 45 & 3/4 men. There’s a Masters 1/2/3 at 6:30 CDT; he will probably be in that one as well, right?

Yep, @Nate_Pearson is number 410 in this race and spending good time at the front.

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Thanks! I should’ve known because he’s the tallest dude out there :grinning:

Crap! It looks like he had a mechanical or caught up along the barrier in Turn 1 on the final lap. Hopefully, we’ll see him in the Masters 1/2/3 race.

does anyone have a time stamp for the SLC crit crash they were talking about this or last week?
I think i know who it was and for some reason can’t find the clip.

Any updates on what happened with nate

Crash in front of me on the final lap. I avoided it but couldn’t continue.

I was feeling great and conserving energy. I was about 3 seconds away from launching :cry:.

There was a crash behind me during the race too. I got both crashes on camera.


Nervously wanting to try CRIT racing this year. I have only ever done grand fondos and mtb rides. However I want to start racing and crits seems to be first step.

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Do the development programs (if you can find them) first. Then race the less technical crits with smaller fields. I think that’s a much safer way to get going.

You can totally do road races before crits though. They tend to be less aggressive in terms of rising shoulder to shoulder, at least in NorCal they are.


You were on the mark the entire race and it was fun to follow because I knew someone (sort of - ha)! Really impressive!

Last lap crash into turn 1. Bummer!!

Oof! Looking forward to the analysis.

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Is the spectator even reacting? :smiley:

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Didn’t see it. Too busy on instagram?

Just watched the masters race this morning. Nice to see another TR racer, @fidracer, called out on the commentry several times. Nice racing “Big Dave”!

Is that a bamboo bike? At least it doesn’t look like he cracked anything except maybe himself… :slight_smile:

Yes, that is a bamboo bike.

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impossible to tell from a still, but it sure does look like he rolled a tubular and that easily could have caused the crash.

Thanks for the shout out @phileveritt!

My video is up here:

There was a crash behind me at 32:18 and @Nate_Pearson had his incident in front of me at 45:06 going into turn 1 on the final lap.

I’m more of a climber than a crit racer so my goal for the race was just to stay toward the front and out of trouble. I hid in the field reasonably well and felt pretty good at the end. I took a good line through turns 1 and 2 on the final lap and was in a great position on the back straight to attack into turn 3 and I choked. I followed wheels and my wimpy sprint left me in 4th place in the 35+ field at the line. That’s a lot better than I had hoped for, but I have a bit of regret for not trying to do better. I have all my skin though, so I accomplished my goal.


He was looking right and bumped shoulders on his left. That caused the crash and the tubular came off during it (I think).

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