Crit races near Vegas in October?

Reaching out to US forum users who may have an answer to my query …

I will be visiting Vegas in October (Sat 15th through to Thursday 20th included) staying with a cycling buddy.

He’s not into racing and has no idea on the local / regional scene etc.

It would be cool to jump into a local race whilst I’m there, just because :smiley:

Plus interesting to compare to UK races.

My initial Google search didn’t turn up much (I guess I may have been searching for the wrong things / key words?).

Any of you know of a local short Crit race that might be within striking distance (say a 1 hour drive?) of South Vegas (Henderson) that may be happening within the time frame I am there?

Edit: I’m current 4th category with an expectation (fingers crossed etc :smiley:) I’ll hit my 3rd category upgrade in the next few weeks - but would probably aim for a 4th category race as I’ve seen videos on YouTube of how fast then US Crit scene is!!!

Thanks :+1:t2::smiley:

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I live in Vegas and there’s no crit racing that I know of. You’d have to travel to California or perhaps Phoenix for that scene. There is amazing riding though, epic scenery and roads out in Red Rock Canyon or out by the lake.

Ah ok cool :sunglasses:
Thanks for confirming :+1:t2:

Probably too far to drive just for a single race - but yeh agree ref the amazing riding in the Vegas area - my buddy has plenty of cool routes planned :grinning: