What are your favorite data fields for indoor workout, outdoor workout and group ride?

A guy I was riding with today was surprised I have my current speed displayed on my head unit. After some thought I guess he was right, what do I care how fast I’m going?

Here’s what I have (right now). Wow looking at my setup… it makes ZERO sense! lol

Current Speed
Active Time
Time of Day
Avg Speed

Average Power 5s
Total Ascent
Current Elevation

Wahoo Map Screen
Current Speed
Distance Next Cue
Avg Power 3s

target power
3s avg. power
lap avg. power
lap time
next interval target power

Group ride (my “kitchen sink” page)
elapsed time
ride tss
time of day

I have the TR recommended screen set up for out doors work outs (or indoor on a virtual course), IIRC its
Segment Time to go;
Interval Average Power (+ Target Range);
3s Power;
Interval Graphic;
% Max HR (I think TR say bpm but I prefer %max); and

For indoors workouts its mainly the TR screen but I run my Garmin parallel. It has:
3s Power;
Lap Power (although I often forget to press lap);
Lap time;
% Max HR; and

Ive never done a group work out but if I did I cant see it being any different from above.

Edit: for a leisure/group ride its:

Speed Graphic
Power Graphic
Cadence Graphic
Time of the Day
% Max HR

I’ll have a second data screen I’ll sometimes jump to (but not always) for other stats (Elevation, Temperature and battery life, etc)

For inside and outside workouts, majority of the time my screen shows this:

Default Workout Comparison

and one click up to quickly check HR:

Warmup Check HR

looks like a warmup interval.

No workout loaded, focused on zone2 (blue):

Workout Details Power Graph z2

this one is mostly used on group rides, where the ride leader will ask everyone to pull at say 20mph. So having speed on this and the navigation page is important. Hmm, 21mph in flatland at that power for me means one thing - strong tailwind!!!

Have a bunch of other screens, the ones above are used all the time.

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Outdoor workout:
Interval time
3s Powet
Interval NP
Interval Ave Pwr

Indoor workout:
TR in minimized mode

Everyday Riding:

3s Power
Ride Time (elapsed)
Time of Day

Racing/Preferred screen if I don’t have to keep an eye on the Time of Day:

3s Power
Normalized Power

Great setups!

What is the Normalized Power important for? I figure that’s something of a summary of the workout effort?

Also I didn’t know you could add IF to the display. That’s neat, thanks!!


Outdoor structured workout

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What head unit are these from?

Garmin Edge 530, using some Connect IQ data fields

Power Slider

Average Power Field

and Target Power - for outdoor workouts so I don’t have do do the sums to workout what I should be aiming for

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Looks like the Garmin UI is much more sophisticated than the Wahoo UI with sliders