Wahoo Elemnt workout screen

What data do you have on your workout screen when doing outside TR workouts?

I did Carson outside on Thursday with these:

Target Watts
3 Sec Avg Watts
Remaining lap time

Hitting target was a challenge as I would watch the average watts and would overshoot the target and then adjust and undershoot the target. rinse and repeat for the intervals. flatter terrain was easier to tighten it up but still challenging.

I think I will change out 3 sec average for 10 second average and add Lap Avg Watts

What fields do you use?

I use factory default but zoom in until only Target Watts & 3 Sec Avg Watts remain.
There was topic on podcasts about this: How to hold steady power over rolling terrain

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That’s what I do:

Personally I leave on the default and I’m not sure I understand how it helps moving to 10 second average power? Your power will still actually be fluctuating just the same so you’re not improving the workout in my opinion. Is it better to leave as 3 second average power to help you learn how better to hold a more consistent power?

Lap power fluctuates slower than 10-sec power, which fluctuates slower than 3-sec, which fluctuates slower than power.

I understand my power doesn’t change, but what does change is me trying to micromanage my power to the target, a 10 second average will change slower than a 3 second or instant. It’s all a mental game. I agree there is alot of lower hanging fruit for riding a a more consistent effort.

Yeah that makes sense, sorry not thought of it that way. Anything that helps reduce mental stress can only lead to a better workout.
Ride safe, enjoy the outdoor workouts, I’m really starting to enjoy them.

Weather here isn’t good enough for outside rides yet but late last season I used Target Power, 3 sec Power, Average Lap Power and had pretty good results on flatter roads.

I have been thinking of using Normalized Lap Power this year however because I think it is more representative of the demands of the interval than average lap power.

I hadn’t considered NP! not a bad thought!, Might put that next to Lap average as that would be a great indicator as to consistency.

NP not really valid for less than ~20 minutes, so I left that on my metrics summary screen.

Didn’t know that about NP.
Any other metrics that you would suggest to help improve consistency?

my thought on NP was to compare Lap NP to average power, should give a good indication of how consistent you are for the interval depending on how close the 2 are to each other. No?

:man_shrugging: my own thought is you should simply compare target power to average power and be done with it.

Be careful when using NP to draw conclusions because its easy to misuse NP as per this article: https://help.trainingpeaks.com/hc/en-us/articles/218243287-Why-is-my-normalized-power-lower-than-my-average-power-

Normalized power was conceived as a way to compare physiological “cost” of different efforts. That is not exactly what you are proposing to do. Not that your approach is wrong, but if you continue using it outside what is was designed to do, you may start losing sight of what it was designed to do and per the article above how applying to intervals can give misleading results.

Thanks for the link. I look forward to checking it out.

Wahoo didn’t have 10 second power so I used 20 second power. Didn’t use NP.

Did Tunnabora outside last night and did alot better than the previous weeks attempt at Carson. Part of that is that I picked a better route(really the only option around here that is consistent enough for anything over 1 minute long.) But having Interval(Lap) Average and 20 second power worked wonders to keep me from trying to micromanage my power to the target.


I do wish outdoor workouts posted could overlay the target power on the graph aswell.

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Yeah I would like some overlay showing the workout afterwards as well. Helpful for comparing compliance to the workout later.

I mirrored the TR app, these were the fields. I haven’t found that an overall Average Power or NP is necessary.

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