What Data Screens are your go to?

Personally I try to keep it as minimal as possible but at times I wonder if I should have another page. Not for looking at all of the time but maybe a little.

I usually go 1 main page of timer, distance, avg 3 sec powrler, np, cadence and hr. I did keep the elevation page on there today since I just got the 530 to see what this climb pro is all about.

In time trials I do - 10 second power, time, distance, HR

For all other riding I do - Time, speed, HR, Cadence, Distance, 10 second power, kj

I’m a data junkie. My garmin screens:
Page 1 - 3s power, avg power, np, cadence, HR, speed, avg speed, grade, distance, time

The only field I don’t really use much is grade, but I like to keep my eye on all the others.

My page 2 is the same, except lap (interval) versions for fields where lap stats makes sense

Page 3 is power metric focused - time in zones 2-6, TSS, Kj - I don’t keep this page up, but will check on it periodically if I have specific zone/TSS goals for a ride

Page 4 is just misc stuff - time of day, temp, battery level, total ascent and a few other non-important fields. I don’t check this screen much.

I keep my race screens minimal in terms of data, putting only things that I find useful there.

Tri race screen: 3s power, NP, distance. I like NP for keeping my overall pace consistent, and I usually break my long events up in “laps” by distance rather than time, depending on the course.

Road/Crit race: 3s power, time, speed, distance. I want speed so I can maintain consistent pulls at the front, time for crits so I have an idea of how long we have left and how many laps I can expect early on.

Workout: 3s power, time, lap time, lap avg power, TSS, HR, cadence, ride time.

Elevation page: 3s power, elev., total ascent, grade.

Map page and a couple of others with more meaningless data, but those are my main ones.