What are Form Sprints and Cadence Spin-Ups?

I am completely new. I did my ramp test today and created a training plan. The first workout, scheduled for tomorrow, is “Goddard -4.” In its description, it says:

Goddard -4 is still dedicated to form work but this shorter version removes the ILT drills while retaining the Form Sprints and Cadence Spin-Ups.

You’ll first face 10x30-second Form Sprints with 90 seconds of rest between each.

Then, you’ll finish with 2x6-minute Cadence Spin-Ups with 3 minutes of recovery between them.

I know what a sprint is (like at the finish of a race), but is there some special technique to a “Form Sprint?” And I am guessing a “Cadence Spin-Up” just means to pedal faster? I am completely new to any kind of structured training, so please forgive me for my ignorance.

Form Sprints (FS) - Sprints are for everyone, not just sprinters, because they “wake up” muscle fibers that too often don’t get trained but will get used.

Practice high-rpm sprint simulations at low power outputs to reinforce proper sprinting technique by jumping out-of-the-saddle and winding up a light gear. As your cadence reaches its controllable peak, gracefully transition into the saddle where you can shift gears if necessary.

These sprints are only 10s long and are all about leg speed, form and technique. Experiment with which foot leads the sprint and learn how to generate a lot of leg speed in very little time.

Pulled from this support article.


(Don’t worry, if you keep the instructional text on during the workout, the drills always get explained before you do them!)


Awesome, thank you. I did the workout this morning and it was simple like you said. I just need to pay closer attention to the screen and not watch TV at the same time or I will miss the explanations. Thanks again.