What aero ride would you buy with budget 10K?

Hi ,

I looking for aero bike with budget 10K.

Something like a Venge
or Madone.

Any tips ?

Cervelo S5- very comfortable for an aero bike

S-Works Venge would get my vote or a custom build.


For a long time I would have said the Madone…but I’ve gotten very partial to the look of the bianchi oltre xr4 over the last while.

In all seriousness…I would buy the one that suits the fit and position that I like. This is step one. At least with the Madone you have a choice of different fits at each size which gives you more options.

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I’m kind of in the same decision cycle right now. Madone is out for a variety of reasons. I’ve talked to people who own the new venge and they love it.

I already have a canyon aeroad rim brake bike, but want a second bike / all rounder.

Despite already having an aero frame I keep looking at the xr.4 rim, S5, R5 (both versions) and the Colnago V3rs…why? Because honestly I am not sure a full up aero road frame vs. a cam-tail sectioned frame is going to make a ton of difference drag-wise…and I personally feel that comfort in producing power trumps a few watts for any effort that is longer than an hour.

I can’t find data to prove my theory and as a sprinter I’m still extremely wary of all road discs. Call me crazy.

I’m leaning hard towards a rim braked colnago V3rs or the xr.4 at the moment. Although I really would like to ride both before purchasing.

Sorry, i just realized i’m hijacking your thread.

Besides aero, what are your requirements:

  • Ability to use 28mm tires?
  • Disc or rim?
  • Are you close in fit to “standard”? A lot of the current crop of aero road bikes come with one piece bar / stem combinations, so if you the supplied bar width / stem length doesn’t work, then this is an expensive upgrade
  • Mechanical or electric? If electric, Di2 or eTap?

More importantly, go ride as many as you can, and figure out if there are any you don’t like. This does happen. I test road a BMC many years ago, and for whatever reason I absolutely hated it. It just felt squirmy to me, even riding in a straight line on flats.


With that budget, all top aero bikes will be great. Get the one that you love and will make you ride it often. That will make you faster than anything.


The bike shop should spend a couple hours to give you a fit if you’re spending that much. Get the fit first so that they put you on the exact size bike for you.
I had this done for my Madone. After the fit, I could fit on 52 H2 or 54H1, we went over stem lengths and bar widths, crank lengths, etc.

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I’ve got know the aeroad di2 disc and I guess it’s a standard frame.

But once you got disc and di2 there is no returning possible :blush:.

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Venge pro with di2. You’d have some money left over to get an Uber wheelset or just save some money.


Scott Foil. Amazing ride. Super underrated imo.


Cannondale Supersix?


What don’t you like about your current bike? Or what would you like to improve? What do you like about your current bike that you want your new one to mimic? I start with making a list, and then figuring out which bike(s) comes closest to keeping what you like about your aeroad, and fixes what you don’t like.

Seconding what @Nate said. There are also some deals out there on the venge pro if you look around. It’s a really good bike, I bought one a couple months ago with mixed expectations whether it was too much bike for me or not. I haven’t looked back or regretted the decision for one minute.

I’d go with a Madone SLR with some 7.8 ENVE wheels and take the remaining money to have a nice weekend trip.

IMO they’re all so close in performance it really comes down to fit and feel. I like the SystemSix, but would probably go with what felt the best and make sure you get quality wheels.

I’d buy two $5K bikes and be way happier than you.


Mike, have you and @Nate really had no issues with disc rub? Everyone I talk to says that even with the stiffest of frames it can be an issue with out of the saddle climbing.

I have not experienced any noticeable disc rub on the venge.

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Yup. I regret selling my Foil. Such a fun, comfortable, and fast rig.