NBD Decisions - Help!

I’ve been in the market for a new bike for a while now, and I’ve finally narrowed the search down to a few options. I did get a fitting first to determine the best frames for my position which has come down to the following:

  1. Cervelo S3
    Pros - has everything I want (disc/DI2/carbon wheels/aero frame). Aesthetics.
    Cons - $$$

  2. Parlee Altum Disc
    Pros - Fewer Parlees out there, unique frame, supporting a local company. Comes with Disc/DI2, cheaper than the S3.
    Cons - would have to get nicer wheels, more endurance oriented geometry (although the fit would be almost the same as the S3), undecided on whether I like the stock paint job.

  3. Felt AR2
    Pros - DI2/Aero/best wheels/decent price
    Cons - no disc, rear rim brakes under bottom bracket.

Curious if anybody rides or has any experience with any of these bikes? Unfortunately, test riding is not really an option. Primarily would use for racing, group rides, and solo rides around relatively hilly new england.

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If you can’t test ride first, I’d maybe through the Canyon Aeroad or Ultimate on your list as well, some pretty good values there.

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If you can afford it, go for the Cervelo since it sounds like it’s the bike you really want. :yum:


It is. Just a hard hit for my too frugal nature to take :confused:

Get the Parlee, parlay the saved $$ into a nicer set of wheels down the line
Post pics

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Sounds like Fit Werx? Great folks there.

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I’d say either go for the Cervelo now or save up more money and buy a new bike next year. Spending $$ (instead of $$$) isn’t saving money if you aren’t buying what you really want. The cheapest option is the one that makes you happy and wanting for nothing more.


I see what you did there…

Yup, Fit Werx.

Wait for a while longer, save up more, and get the bike you really want. If you “settle” for a different bike, you’ll still have the itch to upgrade your bike.

I went through 3 MTBs upgrading each time until I got the bike I really wanted. Since then, I’ve not seen any other bike I’d want in preference.


Do you think going through the experience of owning several iterations of bikes helped you to determine what you really wanted and ultimately allowed you to be happy with the final bike? Just curious as I feel like this has been my journey (although I’m still not quite on that perfect bike yet :money_mouth_face:)

To some extent it did, although you really don’t know what you are missing until you ride a bike with a new feature, and experience the difference firsthand.

And the bike I got was top of the line spec at the time - so there was no upgrading from there!

Since then, the biggest development is the SRAM AXS electronic shifting for MTB. Not sure I need that, as my mechanical shifting has been flawless, and I don’t like the idea of having to keep more batteries charged. So I’ve not been tempted yet with what I perceive as a “better bike”.