What aero ride would you buy with budget 10K?

3T Strada Force AXS. I have the team red, but, the force is a lot less expensive - you could get a set of C45s and keep the 35s as an extra set.

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Me too.

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I’m curious in what “too much” bike would mean.

Felt that it may be a bike that was more aggressive and racy than my current riding abilities.

ps. they are all in this chart https://fft.tips/superbikes with weight and price.

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As long as my rotors are straight there’s no disc rub.

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Yup, that’s my dream setup right there. Although with 10k at my disposal, I might go for Rotor’s 1x13 groupset instead. :slightly_smiling_face:

link is broken for me.

Really labored over the decision to build one w/ rotor or not. Ultimately, electronic over hydro won. If you want super Gucci, you could probably get the THM Superlignt for $10k. https://blog.3t.bike/2019/09/11389/strada-thm-project-bike/


You asked what I’d buy so…
CAAD13, Ultegra Di2, November Cafe Racer 50mm wheels. I’d then take the extra $5k after buying all the affordable Hollogram and metal handlebars and stuff that come with it and buy stuff for my CX fleet.

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sorry I got the link wrong it was https://fft.tips/superbikes hover over each bike to see the stats

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I’d stick with the Aeroad :star_struck:


for @joachim I have to say I really like my aeroad. If you are not in N america you can also do a cockpit swap w/ a new bike. Canyon really pisses me off in that they have zero cockpits available in N america for their road bikes. I asked them when considering an aeroad (i have a goofy long trunk) and their response was “our bikes fit 90% of our users”…which was a crappy answer frankly.

Anyyywhooo, I ended up buying it in Germany w a longer cockpit and swapped the bars on delivery and sent the extras back (live in Utah and Germany part time) and paid the duty to import it to the states with me when I brought it back. There is a great deal of value in the Canyon products given how ridiculously expensive top end bikes have gotten.

If weight is not a primary concern you could pick up an Ultegra equipped Aeroad and still have money for a pair or two of exotic wheels.


I may not be seeing it but what is the frame size assumption on this very cool chart?

I am not sure! I assume medium

Hi Professore,

My current bike is the 2 year old Aeroad SLX Disc DI2 WITH cockpit :slight_smile: ( Live in belgium)

But you are right ; Canyon is a very good bike but its time for something new :slight_smile:

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We are in the same boat.

I want something quasi aero but stiff stiff stiff for sprints and can descend well down our mountains here in utah.

:smiley: Not the ultimate ?

Minor nitpick: I’d either go for 3T’s wheels or Enves as they are more aerodynamic (or Rotor’s 45 mm deep carbon rims if I want to “save” a bit of money :sweat_smile:).

In any case, I am saving up my pennies to get a Strada right now … :blush:

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The Team Force really is the best value. If I were to do it again, I’d do that and get a set of C45s and keep the 35s as backups.