Aero bike recommendations for small male?

Hello, I am new to using trainer road and just came across this forum and thought I would throw a question out to the TR universe.
I am new to cycling in 2018. Been using an old Cannondale so far to make sure I like it enough to keep up the sport which it appears I do. I am in the market for an “aero bike” as I am also getting into triathlon and think this is a good compromise for a 1 bike rider.
I am also short, 5’4".
Also budget conscious so am looking in the pre owned market.
Giant Propels look like good value.
Any other models that you would recommend?
Any year, make or models I should stay away from (particularly with aero bikes in case they never got them right until after 2015 for example?).
Thank you for any direction you can provide.

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Trek Madone or Specialized Venge are two aero bikes I’m familiar with, at 5’3” the 49cm fits me well. Aero bikes are typically high end, so not necessarily conducive to budgets. Another thing to note, aero bikes seem to be much less comfy than their slightly less aero counterparts (my opinion). I was going to get a Venge until I tried a Tarmac (race-y bike but not necessarily marketed at “aero”), and it was so much more comfortable and light that I was sold on it. Aero positioning is great for being slippery, but it’s often not your most powerful position. As a newish rider, i would be slightly concerned that the discomfort of the bike might lead you to train/race less. Now you might have more grit than me and say ‘forget the hurt I wanna be fast’, but that’s my 2 cents.

Edit to add: Invest in a quality bike fit and thank me later. Short guys don’t follow the cookie cutter geometry and you deserve to make sure you’re in a compatible bike. Make sure your cranks are the right length. Dollar for dollar, you can’t beat the investment of a bike fit.


Don’t forget the Allez Sprint… Yes it may be alloy but its stiff, fast and lightish.
Not to mention that its also budget friendly.
I replaced a BMC RM01 with 2017 Allez and I love it.


I have the old BMC Timemachine (Non disc) love it!

Before purchasing it, I looked at the following:
Propel (Though I’m not a fan of the brakes) - and apparently not as aero as others
Aeroad - Best bang for bucks, super aero too. But it’s direct sale only
Venge - Out of my price range
Madone - Drooooool. But again, out of my price range.

thank you @trswem

I have a propel and find it more comfortable than my other bike that would be more sportif orientated. I did have to change out the saddle though as the giant one was too narrow for me.

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