We're Hiring - (Remote) Software Engineer Jobs at TrainerRoad (React/RN and C# Backend/Azure)

As of right now, no. That’s mostly because I don’t understand the process so I can’t make a positive decision on it.

We’ve talked about opening a euro office one day, but that’s more pipe dream than reality right now.


“We’ve talked about opening a euro office one day, but that’s more pipe dream than reality right now“

And mostly a serious set of complications if you go the own legal entity route - it’s easier to buy an empty company in most European countries than to open a new one.

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I’m nervous, but excited. This is going to be fun!


Update, in case anyone is curious:

I made it through round one’s anonymous refactoring, but then in round two (a 60 minute coding test), I rushed into it before relaxing well (in excitement) and once I got stuck in, I just had one of those days where nothing was coming out of my brain well, and I wasn’t able to finish as I totally blanked on a couple of questions. It was super disappointing. Then, losing sleep over it (literally), I finally gave up around midnight and tried the challenges again. I was able to finish those I got stuck on in about 10 minutes. :sweat_smile:

So, I plan to re-apply after a little bit of tune-up in a month or two and give it another go!


I know it’s a longshot, but @Nate_Pearson, would you consider an internship, remote or local?

No internships, sorry.

I went to school for the wrong thing. That would buy so many carbon parts.


Heard about the job offerings in the podcasts. As a Full Stack Dev (Javascript/Typescript, Redux, React, .NET/C#, Azure, DevOps etc) and a fellow triathlete living in Europe I’d definitely appreciate a euro office :slight_smile:


Hi Nate!

Same here, I will definitely apply for a job if you plan to create a Europe office. Should you need an SRE engineer, I’m in!


Should JR level React devs bother applying?
Don’t suppose you have budget for an off-site dev to pick up all the grunt work? My JS is proficient but have < year of React under my belt. I’m looking for some full-time/part-time contracts to get me up to Sr level react in the next few years and would love to do it while connected to cycling. :man_shrugging:t4:

As long as they can past the tests and can be super productive we want you.

But, it’s hard to be super productive with less than a year. It’s not a hard and fast rule though.

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I’m assuming since the postings are down that React positions are all full. Any idea on the timeline for when there may be more available? @Nate

They are just down while I’m traveling in March. They will be back up after that.

I do the initial interviews and I didn’t want people to sit for a month while I travel.


Any idea if they will go up again soon?

I just want to getting through this uncertain period before we hire more.


Dublin, Ireland is a great location!

Would drop my hat instantly and re-install Visual Studio for this! Hope all is well with the current climate and looking forward to seeing the team and product grow.

I’m going to work on my C# so I’m ready for the Europe office opening

No remote java developers opportunities in the future?

No, sorry