TrainerRoad Copywriter Job (Allows Remote)

We have an opening for a Copywriter at TrainerRoad! Please share this with anyone who you think would be a good fit.


@Nate_Pearson, can you say more about the citizenship requirement? Do you have any disadvantages whatsoever from hiring legal permanent residents?

The citizen requirement has to do with taxes and timezones. If we hire you as a contractor you could have significant tax implications in your own country, some of which past contractors did not realize.

We also need have a timezone that gels with us. We’ve had an Australian employee who had to get up at like 4am to start work every day and we had to push meetings back to compensate. It ended up being hard for logistics.

So if you’re in the US and taxed like a US citizen then I don’t see any problem.

Do I need to be able to use punctuation correctly!


including “?”:rofl::wink:



Are you looking primarily for FTE or do you also want contract referrals?

Just FTE

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Is this for US residents only?

Check this sitemap if you looking


For those interested in this position with an applicable background; how would one attach writing samples and link to previous work? The online application doesn’t seem to allow for those to be included. Is there an email to use for applying instead?
Thank you.

Link? Dropbox?

We’ve got enough candidates now and should make it through everyone next week to see who moves forward to the next round. Thanks every.

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