RECOVERY pace exercise induced muscle cramps?!?

Any advice or solutions for exercise induced muscle cramps…at very low intensity! I’ve had cramps during racing in the heat when pushing very hard but this is quite different circumstances. It has happened to me twice now. Once when doing a first ride back after a week long illness, and it was strange become I was on my e-bike and not working hard. Now it’s happened again and it’s very anxiety producing because I’m about to start Cape Epic! It’s happening on my first two easy spins after our 3 days of traveling and the time change from US to SA (so also stress on the body?). Getting muscle cramps of the gluts, quads, and hamstrings. Riding a bit harder actually seems to help a bit, but only to a point. It’s very debilitating and I have to stop to get the muscle to relax, so NOT good leading into the biggest race of my life…

What am I doing wrong? Anyone have this happen to them as well?

Taking a guess here, but I would expect being seated for long durations (your travel) following I assume a hard training week, has just thrown your legs for a loop. Not to mention your circadian rhythm and entire schedule being off. I’d recommend getting some z2 rides feeling some pressure on the pedals (not easy spinning) and a few openers will bring your legs back around. Also, make sure you are hydrating and I’d assume your legs will come back once you’re into a normal training schedule.