Weight loss in recovery week?

Been thinking about how I can go about achieving some weight loss. I want to avoid deficit during training ideally.

Is it wise to run a deficit each recovery week? Thinking to just use these weeks to drop carbs significantly. Thoughts?


Is it easier to create a calorie deficit when you’re burning 5000 calories per week on the bike or 2000 calories per week?

I suspect it’s the former.

Also, if you’re loading 3 weeks out of 4 then you have 3 times more opportunity to create a deficict.

Also - prioritise recovery!

Hope this helps

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I would advise a small sustainable deficit EACH week. If you had a 200 calorie deficit for 28 days, that is 5600 calories which is closing in on 2 pounds for the month. And I bet you could sustain this pretty easy without impacting your build. If you try and reach this over your rest week, that is a 800 calorie deficit each day. That is alot.

To your point, I find it easier to maintain a calorie deficit each day during rest weeks as my body isn’t screaming for calories all the time. If anything, you might be able to slightly increase your deficit, but keep it reasonable.

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Here’s how I approach it.

First, get lots of protein, 125g-150g or more depending on body weight. Helps with satiety, muscle repair, and muscle sparing while in a deficit. Supplement with whey protein powder if necessary.

Cut out unneeded fats, especially unhealthy ones. They’re really not doing anything for you in terms of fueling and muscle repair / recovery in the same way carbs and protein are. Cheese, nuts, nut butters, fatty meat, etc. aren’t helping. Avocados are great, but a lot of fat, so they’re out for me or just a couple slices in moderation. I try and limit it as much as I can, a little olive oil when needed maybe.

In terms of running a deficit, I just find it easier to focus on eating healthier carbs and not the carb dense stuff like when you’re training hard. Veggies, some fruits, less of the breads, rice, pasta and cut out the simple sugars. No cookies. NO BARS (They kill me when they’re in the house). I eat a ton of apples and drink a ton of water with flavored drink mix, and electrolytes when needed.

ideally, I’m getting 100% of the protein and carbs I need (but not a lot of extra) and running the deficit from fats.

When you have a workout that needs it, don’t be afraid to supplement in the simple sugars and fuel the work on the bike. The trick with carbs, don’t overdo it. Very easy for me to eat way too much if I don’t pay attention. Rest week, or really high volume week.