Dieting on recovery week?

I enjoyed my anniversary on the last hard day of ssb2, um, a little too much (think a whole cheesecake) and I had let my nutrition slip over the mtb season. I was floating at +5lbs over race weight and was not worried about it, but 3 separate Thanksgiving dinners and said cheesecake later and I saw +9lbs the first morning of my recovery week so I freaked out and decided to pop open MyFitnessPal this week. I have dropped back down to +3lbs this morning, though I feel dehydrated so maybe +4.

The thing is, my recovery rides seemed harder than the threshold work in my plan. Have I sabotaged my recovery week? Ramp test tomorrow.

Are recovery weeks a good time to cut Calories or not?

O, I did ramp up protein ingestion to 1g/lb this week to compensate for a 500Calorie/day deficit.

Bad idea. During your recovery week your body is rebuilding and growing from all the hard work you put into your training week. It needs the nutrition. I’d personally try to loose weight during the training blocks, I always hear 1 pound a week is doable without loosing fitness.

if you want to try an alternative install the Diet Quality Score app. It helps you choose the right food instead of calorie counting. works for vegetarian or vegan as well. If you’re still looking for a Christmas present to yourself, check out the Endurance Diet.

if you don’t eat like this all the time, I’m sure you’ll be fine.