Weight loss accountability buddy or thread discussion

Same situation, I feel. I stopped counting before going on holidays, and managed to maintain.
During holidays, I barely gained as well.

Still not counting, not making much progress, but not regressing either.
I’m doing no-booze September, so that should help, too.

I’ll give it until end of September, to see if i need re-calibrating :slight_smile: but in the meantime, not counting makes it easier to enjoy the food… I tell myself I just need to be reasonable.


Had a steady week this go around. I will take that as I upped my daily calorie allowance a little bit - was having to many cravings at night and not hitting my goal. I am not in a race to lose the last few pounds so going at 0.5lbs a week will be fine!

Had a few tough days, which culminated in “crashing” yesterday and not being able to finish my workout. Now I’ve recalibrated my kcal target, and will try and be more sensible about fueling around workouts. Apparently using just a standard target does not work well, so instead I’ve set Cronometer (the app I use) to “sedentary” and will add an estimate of the kcal burnt on the day of workouts + will “roll over” the calories I won’t eat back to the next day, in case of a rest day.

Useful learning experience for sure, will see how it goes!

Well, no riding or training due to a cold (thanks to the girls going back to school - all of the kids and parents have this to varying degrees) and then decorating a couple of rooms - I’m quite pleased to have dropped a bit. It’s been up and down as I’ve been weighing on a daily basis - not out of obsession but out of interest to see how it fluctuates.
Hope everyone else doing OK - one step backwards does not mean you won’t make a step forwards or several soon that will make up for it.
Above all be kind and honest to yourselves. :slight_smile:

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i added me to the Excel, hope thats OK?


Things have been quite good for me this week: back on track, holding an OK deficit while training hard and riding a lot (16h the past week), lost 0.3kg from the previous week’s average. Happy with that!


Stable weight at 80 kg.

Cycling has been ramping up again as had hoped. Diet is also tightening again. Hoping this week I’ll see a decline start up again as I finally get used to the diet life again.

Edit: Again.

Good luck to you all this week


Long time listener, first time caller, posting here for posterity’s accountability Father Ron down the line.

I just spent my first week back in the 60s, for the first time in 20+ years. 68-69kg, down from operating in the 70s for a few years and 80s for most with one or two in the 90s. 6 months ago it was 82kg, with a few ups and downs in exercise, illness and diet since. Intermittent fasting has been helpful in solidifying the calorie deficits and keeping the diet in sharp focus.

At 176cm tall, with a current BMI of 22, this is not exactly super lean anyway. I could handle going as low as 65kg, so it still feels like there’s a bit more work to be done, but wouldn’t want to go much lower than that.

I originally planned to lash out with one burger meal deal to celebrate getting back into the 60s, but what’s the point? Don’t I owe myself some respect for the work, dedication and other setbacks enough not to trivialise it with some pyrrhic nonsense? The best victory celebration is just living it, rather than rebelling against it.

Plus I have a hernia surgery tomorrow. I’m stupid, but I’m not stupid enough to celebrate anything before surgery.


Son’s birthday party at the weekend. Held off the booze, for dry September, but indulged a bit otherwise.
Weekly, i’m about neutral: - 0.1kg.
Soldiering on, it’s a marathon, not a sprint… Line is still in sight, but not getting nearer, that’s all :smiley:


congrats! It’s always awesome to hear these stories, makes sticking to the “plan” so much easier

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Thrilled to only be up 1 pound after an unexpected 3-week disruption due to the California wildfires. Back to it.

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Down 0.2kgs this week after a month going up or staying the same. At last had been stuck on the same weight for a few weeks.

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Last week was a mess. Work, sick, no rides. I am not good at dialing the food back when I am not active. I am going to need to make some adjustments and try to get back on the rails.


Had a good thing going, now flat for the third week in a row. Still watching calories but not as closely. Have some big rides coming up over the next 2 weeks so will likely not calorie restrict As heavily until those are behind me.

On the bright side my last couple weeks of riding I’ve felt really strong.

Bummer - put on a little bit and in the red. I have been tracking weekly averages and not daily weights since it can vary so much. But 2 of the last 4 weeks in the red…even though both red for less than 1lb… I think I am getting a bit burnt on tracking everything so going to take a break for a couple of weeks and try to be better and get back to cutting nightly snacks out! Just finishing up SSB1 (recovery week is next week) and hoping to hit goal by the end of SSB2 which is reasonable as it is only 0.5lb/week. Would like to not be restricting at all once I hit Build phase.

Seems like a lot of us lost a little momentum. I still want to reach my goal so I am going to refocus.

I am back to logging food. I also shifted to morning rides to try to ensure a little more consistent days on bike. I have noticed my focus in the morning at work is much better when I do. Fridge has been stocked with more of the right stuff.

You expect this after 10+ weeks of dieting. You just get tired of doing it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m the same. Minimum 1 hour rides daily (trying for 2 but schedule etc) and tracking what I’m eating are the keys to success for me. Just doing them again after having done it for so long is a bit…hard :stuck_out_tongue:

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