Weekly TSS and additional endurance rides

I am doing SSB LV 1 currently (into my second block of it after doing SSB LV1 and LV2 before Xmas). This time around I am at a higher FTP and so far have been able to complete all of the workouts even bumping some workouts as well for the last few intervals. I chose LV as I cant always commit to completing the MV plans with a busy family life and work commitments.

As an example last week was my Dad’s 65th birthday so I couldn’t train Friday through Sunday due to being on the road and visiting family. I completed all 3 SSB LV workouts plus 2 additional endurance rides Monday through Thursday instead and I think the total was approximately 330 TSS.

This week is similar as it is my sons 6th birthday at the weekend. So far this week I have got up at 5am yesterday and today to do the two sweet spot workouts. I will do another endurance ride tonight and then do the 1hr 30min weekend ride on Thursday evening. I will then have Friday through Sunday of the bike again. I will prob struggle to have time to match last weeks TSS.

I am prioritising getting the plan workouts done and adding the endurance rides as and when I can (which is more time dependant than being physically able). This can mean that my TSS chart goes up and down a bit week by week as the endurance rides affect this.

Does this matter in terms of loading on the body? I am assuming that the endurance rides will help but if I cant be consistent with them week in week out will this matter? I am assuming that doing something extra is better than nothing.

I am following a plan build for a MTB XC marathon event in the middle of June.

What you’re doing is fine as ‘life’ gets in the way for all of us.

I’m pretty much in the same boat as you. I make sure to nail the workouts from the LV plan and add in extra endurance rides during the week / long ride(s) on the weekend if I have time. Progression is much more than just increasing TSS week by week and imho this is a great way to go about things, if you consider a few things:

  • Keep the progression of the workouts in the plan from week to week as they are – they build up on each other nicely.
  • Keep your recovery weeks easy!
  • Keep the general trend of TSS (don’t just keep it the same the whole block) and don’t increase it in huge jumps. Although, I don’t think discrepancies from week to week are too problematic.
  • Try to spread out the quality sessions over the week.
  • And most of all: listen to your body! If you notice that you you feel stressed, skip the endurance rides first. I think this is actually a great benefit of this form of training, as it gives you an easy way to ease off or add stress depending on how you’re feeling.

Getting extra endurance in when you have time is fine. Better than not doing it! And sounds like you have it at a level where it’s not messing up your core LV plan, so it’s all good.

Have to say the biggest improvement in my riding in the last few years has come from really committing to trying to do something most days even through life and family events. E.g. if we’re at home then I’ll try to fit in a ride or turbo session somewhere in the day, even if it’s short and early. If we’re going anywhere within about 100 miles of home I’ll try and find a way to ride there and/or back, or at least part of the way there. If we’re driving further than that I’ll consider sticking the bike on the roof. If we’re flying I’ll consider taking the bike box or renting when we get there. Not always possible of course, but with a bit of creativity (and an understanding family!) you might find you can fit in more than you think.