Weekly food intake for a cyclist

If I were you I would try it and see how you feel. Everyone is individual especially with nutrition, as stated above if everything is working and you’re making gains. I wouldn’t change much. Look at it like an experiment and watch how you feel, look and perform over a few weeks. If you don’t like what is happening go back to what you were doing.
I try to make my nutrition complicated but what I’ve been doing works. Im making gains and recovering pretty well. Some days I feel hungrier than other days. If I feel hungry I’ll eat and haven’t gained much weight besides usual water weight or inflammation . I just try to eat nutrient dense food and don’t eat junk besides on the bike.
Be nice to yourself with food as corny as it sounds it’s true, for me at least.

Today i ride 2000 Kj how many Kcal do i have burned?

Here i read 1Kj is 1 cal, but strava gives for this ride 1458kcal

kJ to Calories Conversion: How many calories do I burn cycling?.

You should make this easy on yourself and use a tool like MyFitnessPal to track your calories. It will do the math for you based on your exercise and your food intake. Use it for a few weeks and you will get much better at quickly estimating what you need to eat vs how much you burn.


Yes iam already using Myfitnesspall for years. Not every day, but sometimes to know wat iam doing.

I have open te app again.

But how can i calculate my kcal burn when i know my In based on power.

You can connect your Garmin watch to MyFitnessPal and it will track your calorie burn (including from steps and other activities) for you automatically. Or you can get your calories from TR or Strava if you don’t have a garmin watch. Actually you can probably connect Strava directly to MFP as well.

I am trying out Cronometer, looks pretty good. Swift to enter the food. Will probably pay for an annual subscription.

TP only determine the kcal burn based on the watts. But during te ride you also burn kcal for stay in life and cooling your body.

See the link above

Use the 1:1 as per TrainerRoad.

Usually when KCals are much higher than KJs, they’re adding BMR during the elapsed time. While that’s technically accurate, problem is you’re prone to double counting BMR later.


MFP accounts for that

Ok thnx. So 1kj = 1kcal is right?

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Mathematical no, but as the power meter kJ’s are the mechanical energy you put on the pedal and the efficieny of the body to go from chemical enegy in food intake to mechanical output on the bike is around 25% and 1 kcal = 4,184 kJ both cancel out quite nicely for all practial means in cycling it is 1kJ on power meter = 1kcal food


Roughly 4x watts = kcals per hour. If you ride at 150w for an hour, you burn 600kcals. Roughly speaking. But following macro nutrients is only part of the story. Its important to make sure you get a balanced diet with micro nutrients in it. You can’t just eat burgers and drink beer.

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Yes i think thats +/- the same as 1Kj = 1kcal.

Today i did 2.5 hours 239w avg. 2073Kj work.
Iam 67kg and 180cm tall. Does that influence the burn kcals?

I know thats a variete diet is important. Regrettably not only beer and burgers :wink:

Rather than this, you might try setting your protein and fat at a hard limit (recommended daily for fat and recommended Grams/Kg of protein) and getting the rest of the extra calories from carbs. A lot of people seem to find greater performance with higher carb intake.


Food intake ratios should vary daily, based on expenditure on the bike. Primarily through variance in carb intake, daily. Protein needs are relatively unchanged whether you’re resting or riding 5 hours.

Don’t target the same ratio every day of the week. You’ll end up vastly under-consuming carbs for your longer ride days and over-consuming carbs on rest or recovery days.

Yeah, probably. Or close to it. Maybe a couple hundred less because:

  1. Usually folks are slightly less active the rest of the day when they have a 3.5-hr ride.
  2. 3.5 hours makes up ~15% of your day and 15% of your BMR is ~250kcal. BMR is included in the on-bike 1:1 kJ:kcal human efficiency assumptions.

Great advice.

Also great advice.

RP Endurance Macro Calculator will help a lot. I created it. I financially benefit from it. Input your daily kj or kcal coming from your device reading your power meter, and it outputs protein, carbs, and fat recommendations based on your body composition, weight, and whether your goal is weight maintenance or loss. It beats the pants off MFP and will take care of the “ratio” question completely because it gives you target ranges in grams of each macronutrient to hit daily, specific to your training demands of the day.

I pretty well spell out the calculator’s math step by step with examples and rationales in the RP endurance book in the TR Recommended reading thread (which I also financially benefit from but is legitimately worth a read).

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Thank you @Dr_Alex_Harrison I was already hoping you would respond. I will look at the RP Endurance Macro Calculator and will have more questions soon…i will use this topic to share my experiences.

I look forward to your feedback!

Hi @Dr_Alex_Harrison i see that i have to pay for the calculator. I know that only the sun rises for nothing, but i will first try with MFP and common sense. I think 1kj = 1kcal is good enough for me and make variations food intake.

My idea is to make it easy, because iam not a pro:
I cap my daily protein and carb intake. Iam 67kg/180cm and think that 125gram protein and 50gram fat daily is enough. Maybe on the high side for protein.


My idea is to eat on Friday (mostly a restday or recovery day) a little more carbs before the the longer/intensive longer rides.

What do you think about this idea?

Looks great! I might err slightly higher on daily total fat. 60g some days would be better. No sense being quite so low on fat consumption. Stick with mostly healthy fats. Protein and carbs seem reasonable!

If this is higher-carb than you’ve been doing recently, expect that the scale will jump up within the first week.

If it continues rising after that, pare back total kcal slightly!

Thanks, i will try.

On a normall day i get already around 2500kcal. Today iam already 65 gram fat, so you are right with fat intake. The biggest challenge will be the weekend days with 4000kcal.

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